Happy New Year


So again here we are in a new year for kicks and giggles and such. Hope that everyone got off their butts and made up a bunch of pointless goals that’ll  never happen. … Oops, sorry I don’t mean that, or wait, yeah I do. I’ll just sum up my feelings that were so eloquently supported with a message from Khatz over at AJATT:

It’s New Year’s.So freaking what? It’s just another day. We all need to calm down a little. Even me telling you to calm down is probably just fueling the excitement, isn’t it?

Are you going to make a resolution? Good luck with that. I doubt you’ll even remember it by early March…….

I’m not saying “abandon all thought of goals” — never let ideology get in the way of something truly useful — but I am saying let it go; leave well enough alone; it’s not helping like you think it is. Stop massaging these great big “mission statements”; that crap is nothing but empty prose. Stop getting aroused, confused and intimidated by all these “goalistic rituals” that are taking over our society and start poking tiny, pin-sized holes into reality…….

Japanesewise the key is this: there are gaps. Gaps in your immersion. Gaps in your implementation. Gaps in…I dunno…your teeth? You may make mistakes, you may fall off the horse. Fine. Big deal. What matters is what you do next. Every moment is New Year’s. Every moment is a chance to reset. Every moment, pretend the entire world has just been recreated and redrawn from scratch.

Yeah, why rewrite what is already so good. 😀 Sorry Khatz-san, just no reason to not steal your goodness.

In light of this, maybe we, or I really, come off as a little angry! But no, alas I am not angry at the world for its normal “we need goals to be productive” attitude. Sometimes this works for some people. But so does anal plugs. Have fun and I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday, year, and life.

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