Got method? 1 – Daydream your way to Japanese.

So you’ve done a bunch of research, listened to a bunch of advice, got lost in arguments, and finally decided on a method that you think will work for you. Now what? Sometimes people feel exhausted after getting to this step that they actually stop! Sometimes they feel overwhelmed at the number of tools they’ll want to get together for it, or even feel they do not have the money to get started. It’s okay guys! Just take a breather. It’s okay that you don’t start the next gathering step of your journey on the same day.

At the same token, don’t completely let yourself fall off the wagon. Maybe rather than start right away doing it, daydream about it. Oh yeah I hear it now, “Silly Mikoto, daydreamers get nowhere!” but let me explain in my sorta edumakated way!

Today experts are claiming that daydreaming is a great way to realize and act on ones goals with creativity and confidence. In fact, to help remove preconceived feelings about it they just simply re-named it “visualization“. I know you’ve all heard of it in one way or another. Famous actors, writers, athletes, and even doctors (and any profession your heart can think of) use visualization techniques to improve themselves. A lot of people do this and don’t even realize it! Day dreaming can also help reduce stress and relieve those silly worries.

Now some argue that daydreaming and “creative visualization” is very different. (I think they’re just splitting hairs >.>). But either way, this is probably a better definition to go off of: “Creative visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to make dreams come true.” (from or another way of saying it is “the practice of seeking to affect the outer world via changing one’s thoughts.[1] Creative Visualization is the basic technique underlying positive thinking[2] ” (

Sounds fancy like Fancy Pants!

While people may argue about what to call it or how to describe it, many people believe in it. Sounds all new agey and I can understand that some people (especially those scientifically inclined) can be rubbed by such ideas when we were raised to believe that daydreaming was such a bad thing to do! I mean, we all probably remember getting in trouble with teachers and parents for going off into la la land. But here we’re not just la la landing it, we’re seeking to control certain aspects of our imagination.

Sadly there are not many studies out there concerning the effect of Creative visualization and whether it really does work, but most all performers of any kind do this, and talk about how much it helps them. So what the heck do you gotta lose? It’s not like you’re studying right now anyways lol.

So how do I do it Mikoto-bot? Well stay tuned to part 2 of Got Method 🙂


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