Got method? 2 – “I see Japanese”

As we discussed in Got method? 1 – Daydreaming your way to Japanese, Creative visualization is basically imagining yourself as what you want out of life to help you achieve it.

If you imagine yourself beautiful, intelligent, witty, you’ll see these things happening, just as if you imagine yourself as ugly, dumb, and slow you’ll see them within yourself. Let’s utilize the power of positive thinking and banish bad thinking!

Ten things(myths) you’ll never want to tell yourself now that you’re learning a language:

1)I can’t learn anything new because I’m old! (or any age related nonsense)

2)I wasn’t born in/live in Japan and therefore I’ll never be able to speak Japanese fluently.

3)I’m  not special enough to learn another language.

4)I have bad memory, so I’ll never remember all this!

5)This is to difficult for me no matter how hard I try.

6)Everyone is just going to think I’m a poser/looser/wannabe/untalented person, so I shouldn’t even embarrass myself.

7)I’ll never learn this language because I have no money to buy all the things I need to study Japanese!

8)This person started when I did, and they’re farther along than me! I must suck! (neg. comparing)

9)American’s don’t have the physical traits (ears and mouth) to learn Japanese (total bs btw!)

10)There is no way to have fun and study, its impossible!

If you find yourself thinking along any of those lines you really need to step back and take a breather! Re-evaluate! These kinds of thoughts are completely useless, and more importantly ALL FALSE :). I may not know you, but I know enough about humans to know that learning a language isn’t impossible for a person with enough determination! You might just have to change your approach to the language, or use your imagination to add in more fun stuff, be resourceful if you don’t have money!

And perhaps try to banish those negativism with nothing but Creative Visualization (positive thinking). So lets get to the how to’s:

~Creative Visualization Techniques~

A) Relax – It’s really important to relax. This is where you can help melt of the stresses of negativism, obligations, and just everyday blahs. Relaxing also helps you to put the concentration where it really matters.

-find a comfortable place to sit, recline, or lay down. (even a warm bath is good!)

-try to focus on relaxing your body parts one by one until you’re completely relaxed and comfortable, including your face.

-If counted breathing helps you relax, do it now, otherwise just make sure you’re breathing deep, slow, and comfortably. (breathing with the stomach helps)

-candles, music, lights, ect are not necessary especially if it distracts you, but they’re OK to have if they relax you.

B) Imagine – Have you got your goal picked out? What positive thoughts do you want to go for? If you’re here about Japanese (which I’d assume you are) let’s make the goal in this example be “to read kanji”. If you’re taking the AJATT method, this would be your first step anyways.

-now that you’re relaxed do your best to imagine yourself looking at Japanese. You may not know what it looks like, but that doesn’t matter, just pretend.

-pretend that you can read what the text is saying with ease and clarity.

-use your imagination to take you all over the place! imagine interacting with signs and websites and all that jazz. This is really where you let your mind be a dreamer-with purpose of course!

C) Reinforce! – throughout your day, weeks, months that you’re on your road to learning, keep imagining these positive situations where you can speak, read, write, communicate, express, or whatever in Japanese. Don’t ever let yourself get discouraged, pick yourself back up and banish those bad habit thoughts with positive thoughts.

That’s really all there is to it. I’m sure you could go web surfing to get all sorts of tips and ideas and whatnot. Of course at first you may not be able to “see” pictures and stuff in your mind, but that’s okay. Just keep thinking positive with words at least. Think along the lines of: I can do this, My hard work will pay off, I have all the resources I need, I can communicate in Japanese! Be creative and always, Just Have Fun!


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