Tools Review: 3 – Dictionaries Part III – Electronic Dictionaries (multilingual)

A lot of people are really getting high-tech when it comes to dictionaries. Though perhaps not what I would consider the best use of your money, these dictionaries can come in mighty handy if you don’t already own a newer phone, pdaish like thing, or DS. Because of the overwhelming number of dictionaries out there like this, lets cover some of the standard stuff you should look for. It’s very similar to the books/internet needs but a little different.

*lots of vocabulary

*thorough Kanji information: pronunciation, definition (compound kanji too), radical/stroke count look up, etc.

*try to get JP scripts and not romaji

*good size/battery life/sturdy

Some extra features that may cost you a little more money but are very worth it is:

*handwriting recognition

*sample sentences

*ability to look up words in a definition by tapping on them-jumping features (stylus/interactive type)

*Japanese word games

*internet updates

*carrying case/accessories

There are a lot of brands out there, both made from US companies and Japanese ones. Though I ultimately feel this should be bought monolingual, if its something you’re dying to get now, well go for it. Some brands are Casio, Sharp, Zaurus, Canon, and Seiko. Because I personally have no experience with these little buggers and do not know any one who owns one, I’m afraid I cannot provide more detailed information. There are however lots of user reviews out there. Just make sure to research before buying, and please comment on yours: whats good/bad!

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