Mikoto’s Music Madness…yeah :D

MMM…yeah, Okay, so perhaps it might be a lame name for a contest, but I really couldn’t think of anything more snazzy, so You’ll just Have To Deal. 😀

I really enjoyed ReadMOD contest hosted by Lordsilent, and it made me think, how about using a similar concept to and apply it to music? So that’s exactly what this contest is about.Though I also recommend doing the every few months ReadMod contest too. 😀

So MMM is a contest meant to help people get Japanese under their thumb by learning to sing their favorite music, running the whole month of November. You get to learn idioms, phrases, and its a lot easier to remember things to tunes that invoke great emotion.

Also as a plus, for all those planning to go to Japan, Karaoke is a huge pastime, and what better than to have a slew of songs under your belt! In fact, that’s the ultimate goal you’re shooting for, is karaoke or a Capella version of your song! So now that you got the idea, lets show you the points system.


3 pt for each song you already know sung along with while looking at words
5 pt for each song you already know sung along with while not looking at words
15 pt for each song you already know Karaoke or A Capella style

1 pt. for each line new in a song, sung while looking at the words *
5 pt for each line in a new song, sung while not looking at the words*
10 pt. for each new song sung along with while looking at words.*
30 pt. for each new song sung along with while not looking at words.*
50 pt for each new song sung with Karaoke version or A Capella*

Points stack, so you can defiantly get some good points going. Of course those with a * can only be earned once per new song. A new song is any song that you’ve never attempted to learn by reading the words for. So, if you have a song you’ve listened to a lot, but you never looked the words up for, then yes, its considered new. If you’ve looked up even one line, its not considered new.

All reading must be done in Kanji and Kana. No lines count if learned through romaji. English lines do not count, sorry. I highly recommend using an srs to help you, and looking up meanings here and there so you know what you’re singing.

This means you’ll earn quite a number of points trying to reach the Karaoke/A Capella style, and then even more if you sing it again and again. (which just makes you better 🙂 )

For the sake of the contest, honor system does hold. Though we’d love youtube type videos of your efforts to show! There is no glory prize save for your grand abilities shining through, some confidence, and of course, karaoke magic abilities!

Please sign up in the comments here or on twitter. I might get a hashtag setup, not sure at this point, but those details will be wrapped up before the start of the contest. I hope that even if you feel busy, just 1 line is better than none!

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know! Otherwise, I hope to see ya in the Contest!


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