Looking Back, Looking Forward

This past weekend and beginning of the week I went on a mini vacation with the honey and baby to visit her Grandparents in Charlotte. Besides maybe the craziness of traveling with a just now 1 year old, it was an easy going time for fun. It was fun thinking about a year ago at this point too. I was in Charlotte the last day of my pregnancy, Halloween last year. It was fun thinking about how scared and excited I was then too. I watched 弁護士のくず then for the first time too. I remember then, on Nov 1st, having that little cute baby, and then I thought about how far she’s grown. It’s amazing to think that then all she did was pee poop and do a little crying and cooing. Now she’s a spitfire crawler, walking, and making lots of noises including, “えええ!” She even has 6 teeth now with more coming in.

I think about all the studying I tried to do as well, how I struggled being a new mom, a house wife, and trying to immerse myself in Japanese, while being sleep deprived and up to my knees in diapers. I think, considering what I’ve gone through, I’ve done a good job. Sure, maybe sans baby I’d be much further ahead in the game, but when it comes down to it, I am glad to have her in my life, and wouldn’t change it. I also get to share my Japanese with her.

Now that Vivian is gaining independence, I think that I’ll be able to study more in the coming year. I’m kind of excited to see where I will be in another year. I feel like this is now where my years cycle, rather than the new year hehe. I know I’ll want to be able to use kanji and kana without a hitch, and speak without hesitations. I want to switch into monolingual studying soon too. I think I’ll do that within a few months even. So I guess in one year I can look back here at this and see if I kept to my hopes. I’ll refine them into goals within the next few weeks to help me focus too I think.

As for no one signing up for the music contest, I’m fine with that happening this time :D. I know this blog isn’t exactly well known, and people are really busy around November. But I’ll still be doing it. I’ll be posting up my points on the right hand column just like with ReadMod, and if anyone still wants to join, well, its never to late! I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween, and Happy Holidays as they are coming!

3 Responses to “Looking Back, Looking Forward”
  1. Daniel says:

    I’d like to hear more about the whole keeping up with Japanese with a child type of deal… We have a little one coming soon, and being the guy, I’ll have to keep up a job on top of it all too. So I’d be interested in knowing how you kept yourself immersed effectively during that time.

    • mikotoneko says:

      Hello Daniel, first off, おめでとうおねがいします!Having a baby doesn’t stop Japanese at all, it just changes the approach. I’d love to do an article about some of the things I did, and tips for things that you could do otherwise, that I didn’t think about till after the fact. I hope that it helps you and I’ll get started on it on 11/7, so please keep an eye out for it!

  2. Daniel says:

    That would be awesome!

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