Wisdom of Others: Do We Need It?

Awhile back in the news, I read an article talking about the ingenuity and creative problem solving abilities of our children in schools. I’m not talking about art, but rather finding innovative and creative solutions to problems. It seems that the US has taken a significant dive in its ability to do this, especially in the 3rdish grade. I can’t remember exactly where I read this article, but my friend kept bringing it up, and talking about it, so I couldn’t forget about it. My friend swore up and down that it’s merely because to often we’re handed solutions, and do very little figure it out ourselves, or figure out how to solve it multiple ways. Sadly as I look back to all my school years, maybe only one or two classes challenged me to actually think for myself, and find solutions without aid.

I then got to thinking about language studies. How many of us are guilty of trying to look out at others for solutions to our problems? We join forums, buy books, watch videos, listen to seminars, and take classes. We do all of this in the hopes that we’ll find some perfect answer that will fit us, so we don’t have to think, don’t have to try solving any of the problems facing us. I have to admit, I’m lazy like this from time to time too. Rather than me sit and think about how to do things, sometimes I just want it handed to me. Even Khatz just ranted about how he’s tired of handing out the soup.

I was heavily raised in the Christian ways, and so hearing ‘seek the council of others’ shouldn’t be new to you if you’ve been raised that way too. It’s in the bible quite often. The concept of looking for things from others is also prominent in self-help books, saying that if someone’s already doing something successfully, look at them and copy what they’re doing.

But in both cases, people forget one thing. That’s just to get started. That’s just so that you’re doing something, getting familiar with it, while you then create your own personalized way. Take and pick what you want, and burn the rest in the trash like the garbage it is.

I think its good to keep an ear out for different styles and methods out there, because sometimes you just don’t think it’ll work, or just can’t get your idea to work exactly like you want it to (or they have lots of money to try out double-blind studies showing effectiveness….). However, I don’t think any of us need to have someone else tell us how to learn. I don’t think we need to have someone else tell us how to think.

So take some time out in your day over the next couple weeks and think about solutions for your unique way of life. I’ve decided to do this too. As my daughter is getting older, they way I can study changes. This whole time I’ve been paving a new path since the powers of language learning out there never talk about newborns and language acquisition. People told me I was nuts to keep studying while having a newborn, but I did it. You can do it too (regardless of your crazy situation, you can create solutions for your crazy situation). My friend also gave me ideas I hadn’t thought about at the time, because rather than him trying only what I said, he also thought about his unique situation too.

I’ve even heard of a person who went so far as to create t-shirts with things he wanted to study, and handed them out to friends who’d wear them from time to time. He loved it, they liked it, though was bored so he starting making some funny, some serious, some with pictures, and then it caught on, and more people wanted to wear them, even if they didn’t know what the shirt really said. In the end, his school days were filled with random Japanese, and people who’d speak simple phrases with him for fun.

So don’t be afraid to think about things that involve your friends and family. It’s amazing how many people out there would love to help you too, even if just in a simple way like wearing a t-shirt. But all in all, don’t be afraid to think. I mean really down and dirty, need your shots kind of thinking, because in the end, the wisdom of others is just wisdom for them.

2 Responses to “Wisdom of Others: Do We Need It?”
  1. Daniel says:

    Now I feel like I have to post my next update since you mentioned my blog again 🙂

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