Welcome to March – Some ITouch Apps

I hope that everyone had a much better Feb. than me. Though I’m sure I don’t take the prize for worst month either. My sister was in a huge motorcycle wreck that surprisingly didn’t break a single one of her’s or the driver’s bones. Rather it tore up her carotid arteries. She had a bilateral aneurysm. They did the stint surgery. That was the most major part, except for the looming blood clot that kept us on the edge of our seats, since her carotid arteries were ripped up, they were forming clots and as you might or might not know, if the clots freed up, they’d cause her to have a stroke or die. On top of that, a lacerated liver. Each problem kinda made the other problems tricky. Despite all that (and oh, the driver just had a mild concussion, very freaking lucky of them if you saw their bike and how they wrecked), after a week in the hospital, she finally came home and is on the mend.

My month has been pretty nutty due to the job displacement of my honey. (you know you like the sound of that, job displacement sounds so much nicer than getting fired hahaha) This might lead us to moving to someplace fun though on the plus side (oh, like portland, or where there is japanese stuff everywhere, WHOO!).

I have to say that a good portion of my time has been devoted to scouring out apps, books, and music, and such for my new itouch. I’m really excited about having gotten it, and now I’m going to talk about a few of the things I’ve been using.


Top Contenders

Epic Win:

This bad boy has been a cute addon. If you a task mastering fun rpg lover like me, then this is the little app for you. Level and get cool stuff just for doing your daily do’s.

Anki Mobile:

Words cannot describe the awesomeness that has been Anki desktop. The mobile app is really nice, and it’s really easy to sync up decks. The price didn’t bother me at all, considering all the goodness I’ve been getting for free from Anki over the last two or so years.


Yeah, I dropped two bucks on this. Do I regret it? No. I actually kinda like this. I turned off the readings option and basically its a matching game. I like it for two reasons though specifically. One: It’s a game. I love games. Games make me wanna do more, which means I learn more. Two: Because there are other kanji on the board, sometimes it throws me off. Even though I know the kanji, seeing other kanji makes my brain spaz. Since I’ve been playing it, I’ve noticed my brain doesn’t do this anymore. And I feel more confident in my kanji loving.

Feed Me! (pencilbot Japanese):

I know it is simple, and yeah, sometimes the answers are, well, obvious even if you don’t know what it’s really asking. But the first level was free and I had nothing to lose by trying it. I like the dino, he’s cute. It basically covers simple concepts like numbers, colors, orders, and what not. But the cool thing is the native speaker and hearing the actual questions in Japanese, and you can press on things to hear the answers before choosing them to feed mr. dino. This is not recommended really for anyone who is intermediate to advanced, unless you’re like me who likes simple little cute things.

There are a few apps that I have, which are like books, and some like manga. I only found them after tedious amounts of browsing. I will say the app store fails in its searching abilities. I’ve of course gotten some just, waste time puzzle like games, three of which can be turned into Japanese. Slice it for instance is one that you can change the instructions and such into Japanese. Still winning with that. I love that game btw, as it really makes you think.

Also for those who don’t know, the itouch’s os can be changed into Japanese, and you can also have a Japanese inputting keyboard that shows up for when you’re chatting on skype or writing notes to yourself.

As for a dictionary. I haven’t really found one that I love to great extents. If anyone out in the crowd has a good J-J dict. app, I’d appreciate the title. I’d say all in all, I’ve spent a good bit of time testing out a lot of crap. 😦 I think there are so many cool aspects to this though, that it hasn’t been a waste of time. I’ve got another great way to get lots of media around me, and that in itself is a great thing, as I get bored really easily these days.



3 Responses to “Welcome to March – Some ITouch Apps”
  1. Ken says:

    Do you have a Mac? If you have an Apple desktop or laptop, the built-in Dictionary application is awesome. It has many languages, but best of all it has J-E and J-J! You don’t have to be online to use it, and it’s very fast and convenient.

    • mikotoneko says:

      No, I am on an old butt windows xp, as it is what my wallet can handle for now. Hopefully within the year I’ll get an upgrade, don’t know what kind it will be, since the age old mac v pc battle still rages (oh wait, don’t forget linux! not, i’m not nearly self hating enough to put myself through that lol). I have noticed that even the kanji dictionary built into the ime for win xp really bites. I’m always adding in words from native sources so I can type them up. It didn’t even have such a simple name like 由美子!

      • Ken says:

        I don’t know if this will sway your decision or not, and of course, it really doesn’t matter to anyone else what you choose, except yourself.

        That being said, I think if you do upgrade this year, here are some good reasons to get a Mac:

        1) OS stability/quality (it’s a UNIX based OS)
        2) Freedom: you can load up Windows XP on it and switch at runtime (Parallels, costs $) or at boot time (Bootcamp, free and included)
        3) Japanese support:
        a) easy to input Japanese characters (easier than XP)
        b) with the laptops (I think the touchpad for desktops allows it too) you can draw kanji with your fingers
        c) great built-in J-J dictionary
        4) If you order online, you can get a Japanese keyboard at no charge. Not that it matters anyway, as most Japanese I know type in romaji first, then convert to kana/kanji.
        5) Price: it’s a myth that Macs are expensive and overpriced. The Macbook Air starts at $999 and is very high quality. Try getting the same quality PC at the same price.

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