Delete That Junk!

Hello Readers. As most of you know, I follow a sorta similar way of that of AJATT’s sentence mining method (with a little bit of my own twist and such). I just deleted that Junk(my deck being the junk, not the concept lol)! Its always been a slow process for me to create decks, and not to mention, I really hate deleting after all that work. And I don’t normally support the get rid of it all theory, but you know what. I got rid of it all. Screw it! Tossed It! It was causing me daily grief and that’s not good.

So what now Mikoto? Well, for starters, I still have my RTK and songs deck. I still have my visual/audio deck (which I’m going to post and explain one of these days, since its not really out there what I do with it.), and that leaves me now open to create something fun.

I’ve always thought I might try MCDs, though they were a little intimidating to me. When Khatz wrote an article about it, making it a tad more useful to get the feel (in English) and then a sorta mid-between use article, I felt a little more like I could pull it off. So, I’m going to take this approach and give it a try. While I don’t need it to be quite so basic as the fresh RTK grads I’m still a little shaky trying to go full scale nuts!

As for that deleted deck that was grieving me so bad, I’m not worried. A lot of it was really super simple junk, and it was bilingual. I knew that stuff like the back of my hand, and while it was helpful back when I needed it, its now just annoying and bothersome. I’m not entirely sure if I will switch into monolingual just yet, as I’m still working through some RTK3, and well…I’m scared! こわい!There I’ve admitted it. See we all get scared at one point, and I know that I’m going to get over it. My goal for the year was to be monolingual by the end of it, so I’m going to push for it soon. Maybe even switching to it now would be best…rawr! I’ll think about it as I begin to start my deck up in the next couple days, and post up how I’ll do it if I do.

Dun DUN dunnnnn!

Anyhow, I’m really looking forward to the Todaku coming up. I sucked it up on the last one dealing with the passing of a great woman, but now there is nothing holding me back and I’m going to go outlandishly crazy this time around, as I believe extensive reading is the way to study that’s the best (which is ultimately why I want to try out mcds). While it can be frustrating at times because I do not have the smooth abilities of my English level in reading, I’m going to just keep cheering me along!

And that wraps up today’s little post, and for those who don’t know, soon enough I’ll be posting youtube videos about getting home-schooled kids (or self taught kids) on the path to learning kanji via a fun coloring setup. If you’ve got kids that are wanting to learn but digital means isn’t really working out for them, then this might be the way for your kids. Anyhow, I’ll post more on that coming up, as I’ve already promised my friend I’d do it lol! Keep safe everyone!

Btw, if spelling sucks, its because spellchecker has failed me and it wont go through… O.o

4 Responses to “Delete That Junk!”
  1. Lan'dorien says:

    I’ve long thought that once a sentence (or sentence-ish) SRS card is past a certain interval, it may as well be deleted. No point being an adult re-reading Cat in the Hat.

    I’ll be interested to hear how you get along with the McDonald’s cards (sorry, I can’t help but think of that 😛 ). I’m doing something a little similar now which I’ll post about once I’ve proved it effective a little more (just starting now), but it’s pretty promising so far.

    • mikotoneko says:

      Lol, when I first say Mcd, I saw McDonald’s too! seems they did good getting that MCD in our heads (since it is their stock name).

      I’d love to hear about your new style as well, and I’ll be sure to post how it starts going probably by the end of Tadoku (April), that way I have a bit of cards built by then 😀

  2. Andy says:

    I’ve been following your blog for sometime now, and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind giving out a little advice for things to put in my immersion environment. I haven’t gotten to the point where I can fuel my environment for more than a day or two. I understand that repetition is great for learning this, but its to the point where the media I have feels like a chore. My main problem is the lack of music, and I hate having to resort to piracy. So I was hoping you would know of a site or anything really, that I can use to find music I like in japanese. I just don’t know where to look…

    • mikotoneko says:

      Alright, I’ll do up a media source post for you, that way this little box isn’t a novel of ideas 😀 I’ll try to get it put out before the end of the weekend. (btw, thanks for following!)

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