April in 2 Parts

So, for better or worse, I’m running in the RMoD contest. Go check it out if you haven’t, because really its a lot of fun overall. This will be my third participation in the contest. As the contests have come along, things have gotten really easy and more diverse with fun statistics and what not. As I’m typing there are a total of 116 people reading! Isn’t that just amazing? Language God’s would be proud!

As for me, I’ve been fitting in here and there (and I keep a tally on my desk and don’t update often lol) a bit of reading. I’m in Kentucky right now, helping my sister, as I study for the SAT. I know that might seem a little left field, but it is official that I’m going to go back to school. And since I’ve not had my SAT in so long, I’ve got to retake it. No fear. One month from now, I’m going to go stomp it. If anything about language studying by my self has taught, its that anything is possible with determination and a fun study method.

I will not be readjusting my reading goal for the contest either. I think that it’ll be nice to have that going on, to remind me of the good things I’m studying for. Luckily while I’m at my sisters, I can keep up a good bit of my language immersion, and listening to music doesn’t seem to get in the way of my studying math.

So during this first half of the month, I have to do a lot of things like walking dogs, taking my sister to school, and fun stuff like that, but on the second half, I get back into the mommy steps, which might slow me down a little on the studying part of things. 😀

I’m hoping to get an article posted about my immersion environment soon, but don’t be surprised if for the next month, I’m as silent as a church mouse. I really want to make sure I do great on my SAT as I’m hoping to get into an advanced program in the university. As a woman who’s been out of HS for 8 years, it will take me a bit of studying to accomplish my desire for damn near perfect ! This is a new exciting chapter to my life, and in a way beneficial, as I’ll be talking about how to study Japanese while going to school AND raising a child! Oh yeah challenge, Let’s GO!


2 Responses to “April in 2 Parts”
  1. kuma says:

    Ganbare, mikoto-chan!

    you never said anything about going back to university. i’ve been thinking about doing the same thing, but probably just tech.

    in fact, you never said anything at all about why you were going to KY. i’m glad you’re able to study in a study-friendly environment for a while. i hope you’re having fun!

    anyhow, keep tina and i in the loop!


    • mikotoneko says:

      Lol, that’s why i said left field on the school part, but as for KY, that’s just your woman keeping you in the dark! Lol! I came to KY to help my sister, and to get some perspective. I got a lot of it within days, and its working pretty good so far. 😀 I told Tina this a few days before hand!

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