Rekindled Love

I’m not sure if its all the beautiful music in the background rooting me on as I study math, or perhaps, just that I haven’t been into music immersion so much recently and then to be in it again, but I’ve noticed a renewed passion for the language springing up out of no where! I’ve also noticed that I’m watching more shows this past week too. I’m not sure if that’s due to all the extra time I have, or if perhaps I was slacking before? I’ll see when I get home to my daughter again. I’ve always been strongly attached to music, and have used it to learn Japanese in various ways. It amazes me now more than ever how many songs I can sing, how much I understand in a new show, and now that I’m beginning to talk, it is coming together more and more.

The poetic nature of music really speaks with my inner monologue, and lately I must say that Gackt’s Returner and especially The End of Silence is drawing me in. I’m not a fangirl type, but it caused me to be interested in what inspired the songs, and found myself listening to interviews, and finding out an assorted amount of facts on Gackt and his music (which made me realize we share the same b-day haha!). Before I knew it, I had immersed myself for over 4 hours and didn’t consider a wink of it work or painful. It also is sparking me to look up more music from Versailles The Reverent Choir and already I’m wondering if there is as many videos of interviews with them as well, perhaps sparking even more insight into the music I love the most. While my tastes in music vary a lot, I do go through times where one artist or style will get more attention than others.

This blog post is more I suppose for myself, but if you find yourself enjoying music especially one day, I think you’ll find that it will bleed into other ways of immersion pretty easily if you consider their official/fan/music websites, interviews on Youtube and Nico Nico Douga, or even perhaps spawn at the very least a look up of their lyrics in Japanese.

One Response to “Rekindled Love”
  1. Daniel says:

    It’s a great way to immerse in the car too!

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