Update on New Decks, Experiments

So all of you out there know that I’ve switched into MCDs after deleting my old deck. I must say I do like it better. I find myself feeling more involved with the process and I’m remembering more. It seems a little to easy at times, but it’s significantly changed my ability to not just recognize but recall information. I used the MCD method for studying for my SATs too, which granted wasn’t as big as my Japanese, but it was nice. My MCDs are still mostly like Mini MCDs at the moment.

One of the most notable differences is how I handle kanji now within them. Dictionary definitions bore me, so I do very little with that. Context has always given me more feel than any definition could. Also, definitions aren’t absolute. I run into so many English speakers that use ornery so wrong, that they’ve now added its newer usage into the dictionary only recently (and only some versions). Languages change a lot, so I think confiding one’s answers to dictionary definitions is a little limiting. Seeing kanji in many sentences I feel has always been a huge advantage of AJATT’s method, and furthering that in the MCDs is just like taking yummy milk and making cakes.

As for the other experiments I’ve been working on. I found that the one based on my daughter didn’t last at all. Roughly it was a repetitious audio clip throughout the day. I’ve memorized without even trying all of the songs that come from my daughters toys without even trying. She plays them so much during the day that I thought it was just a good idea to try it with Japanese. I think that there has to be some serious tweaking to what I’ve been doing so far, as I think the clips are to long, to often, and to boring for me to even want to unconsciously remember them. It seems that anything longer than perhaps something as short as 1 min is just too much, too annoying. I don’t think non music is going to work well either, but there is still a lot more to go on that. I’ll keep you updated if I get more success.

On an annoying side note, my internet was disconnecting a lot today. Apparently they’re doing work on our line. I didn’t realize how much I felt my computer was a dead weight without it lol! I would really like to take down the amount of dependency I have on the internet for Japanese immersion. Even if its just a days worth of music or shows or whatever to get me through the times when its down, I need something.

Well that’s all for now, じゃ

5 Responses to “Update on New Decks, Experiments”
  1. nerd4apple says:

    Can you post some example flashcards? Thank you!

  2. nerd4apple says:

    Thank you, can’t wait …. 😉

  3. tabetaiii says:

    Ah it would be nice to see how your McD’s are like, I never moved onto them *didn’t know really how to do it*

    Maybe dl some japanese content, anime, drama, tv shows, etc and then just watch them on your computer when your internet is giving you a pain! Music , podcast could also help with your immersion environment without the internet.

    • mikotoneko says:

      Yup, I had a busy day today, but tomorrow I will have some free time. I’m going to write up my decks and my feelings on what they did for me so far. Thanks for the comment 😀

      I do have a variety of stuff for offline, but its really old content, I suppose I should have stated updated stuff hehe. While I love some of the older shows and music, I’ve watched them so many times already that they’ve sorta lost their appeal. I’ll probably focus on updating my offline content now that I’ve realized it.

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