End of Tadoku Summary and Update

This session of Tadoku was way more successful than my previous ones. As my daughter is getting older she doesn’t want to participate in reading Japanese with me. She doesn’t seem to mind English as much, but she likes to pretend to read herself or pulls the books from me mid way through to say she’s done reading that particular book. I enjoyed this round more though and I found that I could read a lot faster than before. This was kinda of encouraging and made it so that I read more I think. I think I also did my best to not read to difficult text and not get hung up on things I didn’t know. Finding out though that I knew more than last time was also a great boost.

I was really surprised by my enjoyment of this really ugly drawn gory manga. I just happened to stumble upon it and decided to read it for kicks and giggles. I think the genre was more comical to me than it was intended to be, but I enjoyed it a good bit. There is still a lot left but it is really heavy in the kanji department and takes me time.

Lately it has been a lot harder juggling the balance of playing with my daughter, getting things done, wanting to study, and now soon school stuff to boot. I’m not sure if I’ve lost my mind trying to do all this, but I’m going to try haha! I’ve also decided that I wouldn’t teach Japanese to my daughter. While I’ll still use a phrase here or there with her, I decided it would be best for her to learn from more native sources. She might learn a handful of vocabulary but that will probably be it. I’m kinda sad that a good portion of the videos my daughter liked to watch on youtube have been removed. They were her favorites and there has not been any other versions of the same nursery songs that she’s liked as much as those. I think I’ll try to find them through amazon, since it was apart of a series or something to that effect.

Well off to do household craziness.

6 Responses to “End of Tadoku Summary and Update”
  1. Eeek! Don’t stop teaching your kid Japanese! I know one of my biggest regrets is that my parents never taught me a foreign language. On the minimum, I would just have always something playing on tv in japanese in the background. There is too much anime and stuff out there that your kid would enjoy to watch i’m sure. You can download an endless supply of stuff here (including anme, raw manga etc): http://www.nyaa.eu/ and you could play it all on your tv through an HDMI connection. Or you could get this service and watch Japanese TV all day: http://www.wist.tv/

    If you don’t mind watching gory anime, I HIGHLY recommend the anime/manga Gantz. It’s definitely one of the most interesting anime that I have ever seen.

    • mikotoneko says:

      Well, she will always have Japanese around her, however I don’t really know how to go about juggling both languages since she hasn’t really begun speaking as it is. I Know it’s common for kids with two languages to take longer to speak, but I do worry about her. Hehe

      • if that is the case, then don’t worry about it. Just make sure she has as much exposure to native Japanese language as possible. Trying to teach her something and worrying about the fact if it is how a native would say it is not much of an issue. The exposure to what she has heard from constant native material should help her sort out what sounds natural and what doesn’t. I know one couple who is Japanese and American. They ONLY speak Japanese to their kid at home. However they live in America and realize that once their child starts attending school in English, everything will naturally come to him.

      • Btw, I’m a Japanese major in college. Everyone in my class makes tons of mistakes everyday. However, when I look at how bad my Japanese essays were last year, I can instantly find all of my own mistakes now. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes when speaking to your kid… you will both learn together.

  2. Tae Kim says:

    Are you living in Japan? I hope to teach my daughter Japanese but I’m not even living in Japan. I hope I can pull it off.

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