Tadoku Library

I had the crazy idea of starting up my own private library for Tadoku. Just wanted to get this idea up while its fresh in my mind.  I want to make it cheap (as amassing books can get), diverse, and starting at my sorta lower level. The more I read about extensive reading the more I feel that perhaps I’ve been trying to read far to advanced for my level. I think perhaps I’d have more luck if I got books my level. So for the next few months I’m going to do some heavy researching on books in my level, get a list going and then head on over to any place I can get them. I think I might even print out stories that are on the web. I enjoy reading in my hands more than reading on my computer. I’d also have an arsenal of books to read to my daughter, since my level is still rather basic.

There are no libraries near me that have Japanese text in them, so that option is out, even though I wish it was the one I could use!

Any suggestions or ideas?

5 Responses to “Tadoku Library”
  1. Lan'dorien says:

    Liana’s site ( http://joechip.net/extensivereading/ ) has quite a lot of links to materials available on the net.

    My resources page ( http://landorien.wordpress.com/tadoku-resources/ ) has some as well.

    Aozora Bunko has heaps of stuff but there’s no way to search by difficulty level of course (wasn’t intended for learners), but if you can find some children’s book authors you like, with enough clicking around you can eventually find quite a lot of suitable material. It’s time-consuming though.

    You might find that buying an e-reader will quickly pay for itself.


  2. They have novels that are specifically labeled for kids on them. Sometimes they will release 2 versions of popular novels. One in complicated Japanese for adults and a kids version. Unfortunately I forgot what the label is called >_<

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