Been Happenings

So if you didn’t know, I’ve been attending school this fall and I must say that its made me appreciate the extra time I had before to listening and studying Japanese. Also for those who don’t know, I’ve been redoing my kanji, focusing on shadowing females, still talking to my daughter in Japanese and figuring out how I’m building a Tadoku library cheap and nice.

Why am I redoing my kanji?

Well for one, I stopped reviewing them one day and just never picked it back up. I realized that my kanji recalling was getting sorta low and now I’m a little upset at myself for having gone delinquent on my practicing. So starting from 1 I’ve been going back up. I’m about 800 now, as its been pretty fast considering I’ve been learning kanji for a long time and its second nature. Getting back through the reps hasn’t been to harmful at all, I’ve been timeboxing and kicking kanji  butt.

Why the new focus on shadowing?

Well, I stumbled upon a link to some fantastic podcasts, which lead me to find another handful of female only podcasts. Since then I’ve really focused on mimicking because I’m tired of not talking. I sucked at it really hard but I’ve been at this for several months now and I’ve already noticed a huge difference in my ability to speak. I feel that its helped me get practice when I have no one to talk to.

Japanese with my daughter…

If you didn’t know, I stopped actively trying to teach Japanese to my daughter. I still talk to her in Japanese and her favorite songs for bed time are still in Japanese. She still watches Japanese television with me and hears Japanese in the back ground. I’m not naming things in Japanese or reading out colors in Japanese and what not. So I’m taking a backseat with that. The reason is because I’m getting slightly frustrated with not having her speak anything. Who ever said kids are language whizzes really anger me. Kids are sponges, that’s all. So anyways, I’m trying to get her speaking one language a little more so because I would like to communicate with her more. So far she’s really been getting a grasp now on some basic words.

Tadoku Library

I really really really wish I lived in like, oregon, washington state, or californa where there are bookstores. Its really hard for me to justify some of the costs that it looks like its going to turn into. I hate that I’m just not that big of an online reader, however I’m going to have to compromise and make do with online stuff too. I’m thinking I might make a list of them, and review books that I’ve started with. Since my listening immersion has proved so effective, I just know this is going to work for me really well.

I’ve gotten some pretty good information out there and would like to present this stuff in a really easy to do format. In a way its hard because a lot of the sites for basic stuff is hard because you have to know non basic stuff. That’s why I wanted to go to a bookstore. Its a lot nicer getting children’s books when you can see the level of difficultly, the pictures and really just enjoy them that way. If I ever become rich or famous, I’d probably set up a tadoku library for all language learners lol.

Anyways, this is an ongoing endeavor that you probably wont see results for in a long time, sorry! For now I recommend the awesome site that is Liana’s Extensive Reading Journal.

Now for the new, I think I’m going to study up for the JLPT. I know its just a stupid test, pointless and whatnot, but I personally need something to set some goals to a little more. I think not having any large picture goals has sorta lead me to become a little stagnant. I don’t plan on studying multilingual if I can help it either. I’m going to use the sentence/mcd methods to study up for it and maybe take it one day, who knows.

Anyhow, that’s it for me, gotta run and take care of the cute little baby spawn of mine. Take care everyone and hope your studies are going well.

6 Responses to “Been Happenings”
  1. Liana says:

    Are you able to access the EhonNavi books? I’m not much of a fan of reading things online or on my computer, either, but I think of it this way: if I paid $10 for a used hardcover Japanese picture book, all the books available for free on EhonNavi would cost me over $4,000. When I put it that way, it’s easier for me to be tolerant of the format ^^;;

    If you read any of them, I’d be delighted if you have time to review them — I mean to, but real life has been crowding out my Japanese time like crazy lately. Only if it sounds good, of course 🙂

    Happy reading (and kanji studying, and shadowing, etc.)!

    • mikotoneko says:

      I haven’t gotten on ehonnavi books just yet, and I agree with you on the price making it worth it, but I was hoping to be able to reread. It seems you can only read once? I wish I had more time to devote to being on my computer, but with the place we’re living now its hard to be on it and watch my daughter closely enough to keep her out of trouble :D.

  2. ken says:

    I stopped talking to my daughter in Japanese as well, but she loves watching Shimajirou. She knows that when they say “gu~”, she saids “ba” (instead of pa). She also says “ba” after “inai inai…”

    However, I too, want to make sure she can speak English (my native) and Cantonese (my wife’s native language), so I try to balance it all.

  3. Daniel Hill says:

    We must talk about this Tadoku thing, it’s still a mystery to me! The last time I tried to do anything with it, it involved trying to load Japanese books on my DS before I even owned an iPod Touch…

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