2012 New Year 1st Quarter Resolutions

Hey there everyone! As a new year begins I think back on my last quarter’s goals. I missed a couple of them, but some I got. I don’t do full year goals, rather I’ve broken them into quarters for about a few years now. The reason I do this is because its much easier for me to think of a goal that I can obtain in 3-4 months versus trying to think of a full year. Especially now that I’m armed with a feeling for how school goes (yes it was so long that I didn’t even know what to expect from myself in terms of time for study), I think I can make some good goals this time around, compared to the goals that I had for the fall. I decided to post them here for several reasons, feedback, making it more like, if I don’t do this, someone will know it and possibly call me out. Accountability often fuels me more than my own motivation can do. So anyhow, Here Goes!

1. Finish the reviewing of RTK1:

Some may not know this but recently I’ve gone back through my RTK1 kanji to relearn them. I sorta stopped reviewing them and realized that I forgot a bunch of them because of it. So let this be a lesson to all you just starting out. Even when you get past the initial learning phase of kanji, don’t stop reviewing thinking they’ll be all over your other forms of study! I’m pretty far in right now and I suspect before the quarter’s over I’ll have regone over them all. It wasn’t a big deal to me to do this, since it doesn’t take much time and I remember most of them anyways.

2. Focus more on the Tadoku aspect of Japanese:

If you’ve never heard of Tadoku, look here and for a fun contest application, look here. I’ve recently been looking at the tablets out there to get manga on them. I noticed that I’m not into big books just yet. I get to bored, and though I like children’s books, finding them in pdf format is kinda hard, so I’ve been saving up some bucks to go on a book shopping spree soon for a tadoku library for me and my daughter. I’ll post up the books when I get them, but they may not be ordered until closer to fall. So manga format it is. And there are lots out there and I like the drawings too.

3. Post more articles!

I’m not going to sugar coat this for other parents of young kids trying to learn Japanese, go to School again since 8 years, and trying to maintain a learning/study focused blog, its hard. There is a lot of juggling around to do and sometimes you think…F-ITALL! My daughter is in her 2’s now, and while I want to talk about some of the things I still do in Japanese with her, she still takes a lot of my time and its in English mostly. I also want to discus some games that I play to challenge my kanji abilities, as well as a lot of apps out there I’ve found. I also want to do a good post on some of the podcasts that I follow. These are just some. I also have two undercover (sneaky sneaky) posts about products that I’ve tested for learning Japanese that’s rather popularly talked about on the internet.

and finaly

4. Get a web cam

As a friend of mine often teases me about, I’ve been slack about getting one. I mean, really really slack. I’ve been saying for about 2 years now that I’ll get one. So I’ve made it an official goal of mine for the  first part of the year. The reason this is a goal is I have a friend in Japan whose often told me she’d talk to me via web cam too. So I’ll hopefully get it going soon! And maybe might even post up some videos of me talking Japanese (by the end of the year! I’m shy so it might not happen anytime soon).

That’s all my Japanese orientated goals for the first part of the year. I wish luck to all those who’ve made goals about learning Japanese! For those with kids, just remember to be patient. You’re not just cultivating your abilities with Japanese but you’re also cultivating cute children! (lol sounds like you’re gardening your cabbage patch kids!)

4 Responses to “2012 New Year 1st Quarter Resolutions”
  1. Daniel Hill says:

    I’ve apparently been your biggest fan in 2011! Here’s to a prosperous 2012 for everyone!

  2. Hi! I found your site trying to find out what the RTK Lite consisted of–incredibly difficult to find, despite everyone and their dog talking about it. :\ I’ve learned about 100 so far, and looking forward to more. Now I’m trying to figure out how to integrate vocabulary… but I’m at a loss of where to start! Should I snag some random words I want to learn? Some that are associated with my grammar lessons? (I’m sorry, I really DON’T see why I’d ever be talking about various school grade levels in my everyday conversations.) Ahhh. So much information out there and it’s so hard to find a place that explains, step by step, a good way to approach it. :\ Maybe put THAT on your blog!

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