How Mikotochan Studies

Ah the long awaited blog, that came a day late! Here goes. If you’re new to the blog, you should know that I am in line with the AJATT method for the most part, though I do tend to stray here and there.Here is a background on how I got to where I am.

I also have been immersing with Japanese since the very end of 08. I knew my kana tables by that point and had begun to start my immersion. At the time I did not know about AJATT and was using the then free service IKnow. I met some friends there and soon found out about AJATT. At that point, I begun to immerse myself while learning RTK 1. But all my efforts were sorta stopped up when I became pregnant. When I had my daughter, I couldn’t really study very effectively so I made things easier on myself and focused on listening and watching, and having that kind of fun. For those who’ve got children, especially ones that have been popped out, for us mothers who don’t rely on formula they are time suckers! That aside, I kept with the immersion like that until she started to take longer naps and allowed me to do more than just watching her and house chores.

And that brings us up to my ever changing rotation of things along with some constants with my sorta daily schedule.

Wake up and take care of my baby/school work/house work while doing the following throughout the day:

  • Get some Japanese on the ipod going/TV in background going/computer Japanese something going
  • SRS whenever I get the chance, little spurts, anywhere from 3 mins to 5 mins, sometimes even just 2 kanji
  • roughly 15 new kanji added a day (remember I’m relearning kanji since I’ve forgotten it over time from not reviewing), I write them x5 on graph paper while thinking of their stories and elements, then add them to the SRS
  • ReadTheKanji: on this site I do up my kana for constant review, I switch up closing my eyes and listening to the sounds only and sometimes sight and sound and sometimes sight only
  • LwT: I’m experimenting with this right now, so not a lot of time goes into it. But I’ll do a post about this in detail later.
  • Speaking/Shadowing: I try to shadow about 4-8 times a day, for only 2-5 mins apiece. I also try and speak whenever possible to myself, others, and my Japanese friend when I can.
  • Writing: I try to write stuff, song lyrics, things I’m reading, things I want to say, kanji games, whatever gets my hand flowing!
  • Tadoku: Though I’m notoriously bad about not updating my score on Twitter, everyday I try and read a little, even if its just for 2 mins. I read ALOUD! this has made a tremendous difference in my reading speed and ability to speak comfortably.


I use the Heisig RTK method of learning Kanji. I’ve tried the RTK lite and did not like it (didn’t feel like elements really stuck and spent a longer time trying to remember things). I have done the traditional method, but now use the Lazy Kanji approach with a little modification to it to include more Japanese on the back.


I use both Anki and Surusu for various reasons, but whatever works for you is all that matters

Immersion Audio:

I tend to watch a lot of dramas, I also use Crunchyroll and tv streamers like Keyhole and Livestation. I do not watch with subs, and I try to get JP subs on if I can, but haven’t had much luck there. I listen to a variety of Pod-casts as well as loads of music from and YouTube, Nico Nico Douga. I do not listen at night due to others in the room, however i tend to keep more than one source of audio playing in the house so I’m always hearing something.


Online mostly, but I do have Manga and children’s books. I read out loud, as I find this really really helpful.

So yeah, that’s what I do in an extremely general gist. I am not working on sentence mining or mcds, as I have taken a hiatus from that temporarily. I spend a great deal of time with my child, and now studying for accounting. This semester I have 5 classes and its been rough. I plan to resume mcd/sentence mining though after I finish up my quarterly goals. Any questions? Ask below!

3 Responses to “How Mikotochan Studies”
  1. Blake says:

    Sounds like you got a good study method now. Similar to mine. I go to college full time also. I think the weekends are the best time for me when it comes to adding sentences. You aren’t entering all the sentences in by hand though are you? I copy and paste my sentences from the Kenkyusha Japanse->English dictionary. I just enter the word that I see that I don’t know in the dictionary and 9:10 it finds a sentence that involves the word. You can get that dictionary online if you search around enough for it 😉 In my Japanese class we are reading The Elephant Vanishes by Murakami Haruki. It’s a collection of short stories. You might want to pick it up as well. It’s a good book to start with.

  2. Daniel Hill says:

    It’s cool to see you also do quarterly/seasonal goals! Any specifics you can share on Keyhole and Livestation? 🙂

  3. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the details of how you currently study while tackling going to school full time AND child-rearing! Didn’t realize you’ve been participating in Tadoku — I’ll have to look for you =D But my progress this month has been absolutely horrible; I’m not even sure I’ll be able to meet my goal of 200 pages ><;; Well, there's still a few more days to go…

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