Ipod Touch/Apple Immersion

This past Tuesday we had a great guest author come in and do a post on Android Immersion. Today I decided to talk about immersion on the Ipod Touch. I’m sure this could easily extend to iphone and ipad users alike as well. Ultimately you can obtain immersion in many different ways, but these little devices sure make it a little easier.

Wow, that's fanboy at its finest

While I wouldn’t go anywhere near as far as that guy, I will say that I use my ipod on a daily basis. Its always on my hip, just like my phone. It has its own share of annoyances and problems, but overall, I enjoy it as a tool for immersion. Its not the only device I use either, but it is the only one that I would be pretty sad without.

What you should have on your device?

In order to access the variety of apps you’ll need your device and the app store. You can just as equally download iTunes and browse through the app store through the program. I personally find it easier to search through the iTunes program because you can choose similar apps/podcasts to browse too, but then I search it on my ipod device on its app store app and download it there. For those of you like me, we find the whole syncing issue once you had to reformat your computer a big turn off. So I don’t sync anymore.


To the joy of a lot of us, especially those who really want to buy and support our favorite Japanese artists, there are actually a good amount of Japanese music available for download, including singles and albums. You can also put your mp3s onto your device through itunes or other applications other there.


There are tons of really fun and useful podcasts out there. I personally do not get podcasts that are intended for language learning. I get podcasts that are real Japanese podcasts instead. Here are some of the ones I enjoy:

Female Voices Only Podcasts: I have many of these, because I’m a female and choose to listen to females over males. I also use them for shadowing, and shadowing males isn’t always good since they tend to use endings that aren’t very feminine.

Love Nature Episode (FM Fukuoka): These podcasts are by a single speaker and are tales of her nature experiences. This one is I want to say roughly 3 minutes a piece and there are lots of podcasts made by her.

もぉともスタイル (OpDi by PPL): This is actually a video podcast feature two females. I’ve seen them talk about food and decor amounts other things. Generally they record at the site they’re reviewing so the background noises can be a little annoying if you’re trying to hear them sometimes. I still enjoy them though and there are a handful of podcasts that are about 5-8 mins long.

ねえ、ねえ、聞いて!: This podcast is adorable. A single female does many episodes that are almost 15 mins each.

ラジオ 「女子だけ体育館に集合!!」: This podcast is about a group of girls. They can get crazy loud at times, but their conversations are laid back and fun.

松捕亜弥のオールナイト二ッポン「二ッポン放送」: This is another really cute podcast that is roughly 8ish mins long each. I’m not always sure what she’s talking about but its fun to listen to her voice alone.

川嶋あい勇気の唄「二ッポン放送」: This is a poem podcast. They are very short, but beautiful to listen to. If you like poetry readings to soft music, then this is the podcast for you.

Male or Mixed Podcasts:

エフエムくらしき「拝、ボーズ!!」:podcasts lasting anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours! Lots of listening here. They talk about all sorts of things.

Junk Podcast: This one is most always all male and very funny.Look into if you like comedy.


My favorite Japanese Game! ぴよ盛り

I could go into a long long listing of games that I play on my ipod, but really there are only a few that are really the ticket to get started in. As a side note, a lot of these games are set up for multiple languages, and it follows whatever your phone’s language is set as. So this is a great way to make sure you stay immersed by setting your phone to Japanese.

Countries Top Apps! (blue icon, CTA lettering skewed over a man jumping and blue background): This app is awesome. You just select country and go down to Japan. Once there, you can choose a category, and then an app. It will redirect you to the store app where you can download it. Sometimes its buggy and sometime the app will not be available (for instance its an ipad app that’s not on the touch or phone and visa versa). I’ve found lots of games this way and other apps.

ぴよ盛り: This game I just could not live without. I have a high score of 94 and its very addictive. No there isn’t much Japanese in it but it still counts!

Kana Battle: This app is a really fun game on battling out your ability to do your kana tables. There are a few modes to choose from and its free.

I’m not really going to go over all the really cool dictionaries and learning apps out there like Anki, dropbox, and so on because they have already gotten covered at some point or another and because you can easily research all that in English, but I will say that I personally just use the internet on it to search for words instead of a dictionary app itself.

There are all sorts of games out there too, dating sims, story books, even cute little mushroom games, so keep your eyes peeled and don’t be afraid to search the app store with Japanese words. There are lots of cat related stuff even and that just takes one kanji to bring up tons of searches.

Movies and Shows!

Crunchyroll: This is a great app to have to view anime, drama, and a few movies on the fly. Only downfall is the lack of ability to take off subs.

The store has other movies in it, though I do not use it for those means, and finding credible sources on the internet about how to convert video files and get them on there is just as shady in some ways. If anyone knows of a legit, legal, good way of doing it, let me know in the comments below, because I’d really like to know myself.

Conclusions and tips:

Keeping your itouch ready to go is really easy if you keep charging stations everywhere, or even purchase a docking station to listen to your music much louder. I have a charging cord on my computer, in my bedroom, and in my car. Makes life really easy.

I personally use a small protection case and do not use a screen cover. I’m careful and haven’t had anything happen to it so far. Grab some headphones to go and you’re ready for some action! The life of the battery says it lasts for about 8 hours, but I find that I kill it much fast often because I’m playing games and listening to music all the time.

Have fun! Comment and question below!

Upcoming posts will tell you how to set your phones/devices into target language and set up an international keyboard so keep a heads up!

3 Responses to “Ipod Touch/Apple Immersion”
  1. LunaSlave says:

    I recommend the app Tune-In radio for iOS 🙂 has a ton of radio stations from around the world, including a lot of Japanese ones! My personal favorite station there is Ban-Ban Radio, listen to it a lot! This app is GREAT – actually, the only thing is that you have to check out each station to make sure it’s working, some of them just play a loop of instrumental music.

  2. Daniel says:

    If any iOS users are on the fence about purchasing Anki, it’s well worth it! When I did have an iPod Touch, I had the app installed and used it all the time. The price tag may seem high, but the developer is super awesome to have given his time to the language learning community, and is very in touch with the users.

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