2012 2nd Quarter Resolutions

Welcome to April! Another month to make Japanese ours!

To recap my goals from the 1st quarter:

  • Finish reviewing RTK1 😦
  • tadoku more 🙂
  • lots of blogging 🙂
  • webcam 🙂

While I’m happy to say, Tadoku has infected my life more than ever, very happy about this, and I did get the webcam and lots of blogging has obviously gone down despite some nasty crazy sickness (especially with the help of Pandachan and guests), I’m sad to report that the first and foremost goal did not happen. For some reason, my reviewing RTK1 has been going super slowly and … did I mention super slowly? So hence,


2nd Quarter Goals ( April-June)

  1. Review 10 new kanji a day! Perhaps because I made the goal to open to interpretation and vagueness of how to go about it, I’ll be a little more precise this time. I think sometimes goal making is a skill you learn over time, how to make good goals, versus bad goals. Here in this case, I made a bad goal “finish all this” versus something a bit more…concrete and gets the same results. I know, that I need to do X amount a day, at least, and if I can’t make it, I know to pad ahead for those days. So lets see how that goes.
  2. Continue Blogging weekly and tadoku environment! Since this one is going good, but still conscious effort, I want to keep these on my goal list. Especially the tadoku. I cannot express how good this has made things for me. (Lately I’ve been reading manga more than anything, followed by food packaging).
  3. Make Some Posters! I had an idea of making a bunch of posters of things I see around me a lot, like foods, body parts, and things like that. Quick little point out guides basically for fun. I know I could just as easily buy them however I’m going to do them myself because I’ll get more out of it from physically drawing and writing myself. They’ll be English free of course, and maybe I’ll post pics of them when I’m done. I want to get them done this quarter, but I’m not really in any rush to make them immediately. I was even thinking of doing a money poster, and pretend to buy things in Yen, and everything from time to time.
  4. Structure My Days Better! I’m not sure if anyone else out there was kinda like, I’ll sleep when I sleep, awake when I wake, or rather, when my kid wakes me. 😛 I’m going to change this, I’d like to take a little more control over when I sleep and what I do during the day. I am thinking about actually trying to make time brackets of maybe 10-25 minutes, and try to do things in like little waves, hmm, I might be confusing at this point. I want to work this out and maybe get it going before the quarter is out, especially when summer hits. I’ll be doing only a little bit of school work (or maybe none, haven’t decided), so I need to make sure I don’t get really lazy about getting things accomplished. I’ll post more about this if I get a really good system going.

And now I shall hand over the ‘mic’ to Panda-chan! She wasn’t quite a MAJ writer until after I did the 1st quarter’s goals, but now here she’ll kinda let you  know what she’ll be focusing on as well.


2nd Quarter Goals ( April-June)

  • Pick back up where I left off before the Move: writing 5 kana a day, followed by a lot of reps with my kana review website. Then I would study any kanji that were due.
  • Structure days: I was always very happy when I got up at 4am and was able to start my day without the rush of everyone else. I plan on starting that again as I will be working from 4:30-8:30 every morning and then going to class in the summer. The earlier I start to work on fixing my schedule, the better it will be for my health. I used to structure my day in 15 minute increments when I was going to class full time. I think that’s a little overkill until I start school up again in May.
  • Make immersion and shadowing more important: I tend to do very well with written parts of languages and that’s because I put more effort into that. I want to be listening to Japanese and trying to speak it (mumble ahoy) more often.
  • Mini Goal: Play more Kanji games with friends. I enjoyed it and it helped me write my kanji out.

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