How I Study: Mikoto’s Tools

No one learns a language on their own, and no one source of goodness out there is enough to truly learn either. Here are the following tools that I put to use in order to get lots of Japanese goodness around me.

Media Players

VLC – I don’t watch with subs, so I do not have the issues that lots of those with subbing complain about. I’ve not had a single problem watching anything in vlc, and I love that I can set the language to Japanese, and pin it always on top of the screen (meaning even if I’m typing up a post here, I can keep watching the show!).

WMP – only because I have to on some streams, otherwise I wouldn’t use this. Its unable to play pretty much anything. :/

Electronic Devices

Nintendo DS – Awesome thing here, set in Japanese language, it’s region free, so I play Japanese games and what not from it.

Play Station 3 – The blue ray player can play blue ray movies from Japan, and it can read Japanese version of video games too. As far as I know, regular dvds from Japan don’t work in it, so I haven’t even tried.

Computer – My primary source of action, to get, use, watch, read, and so on of Japanese goodness. Sadly, win xp (soon soon I’ll get ultimate 7 set in Japanese) with IME setup for Japanese.

Ipod touch – My secondary source of action to get, use, watch, read, and so on of Japanese goodness on the GO! I love this thing… (and no I’m not an apple fan girl, I could write novels on what I hate about them)


Pimsleur CD – While I don’t use this now, I did buy an 8 cd set for conversational Japanese. It was a lot of fun, and a good little intro into proper Japanese greetings and what not.

Anki – SRS goodness

AJATT – I put this here in the program because though it spawned from a website, the concept of 10k hours/sentences is a type of program to learn Japanese, so to speak.

LWT – Even though this program is based online, I feel its more of a program. Very useful, and I have some posts about it if you want to check it out.


AJATT – I participate in the forum part more so and have pretty much stopped reading the main blog, but whenever I need a source of encouragement, I browse it.

ReadTheKanji – I use this primarily for reviews on kana. I think one day I may start using it for the kanji too.

CrunchyRoll/Youtube/Soku/NicoNico/Dramacrazy and so on – These websites offer lots of Japanese videos, some with subtitles and some without. I personally subscribe to CR to get rid of subs.

SURUSU – I use the URL shuffler from this site. It comes in really handy for a URL hog like myself. It’s convenient that you can press a button on your browser and have it save, delete, or shuffle automatically.

RevTK – I keep my stories for RTK on this site, and very super very rarely look at the forums for some insight. I use to use their flash card system, but I found that I prefer an SRS over the box system.

Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide – I use this for quick look ups and what not.

To spare the list from being ridiculously long, check the Link’s page up top. I use a lot of them from one point or another, and are ones I personally recommend. Also web posts about various dictionaries, shadowing sites, and so forth have many of the links I’ve used over time as well.

Browser – FireFox

I’ve been using Mozilla for a long long time now, especially since IE is horrible with Japanese (At least I feel that way). There are lots of add ons you can use in FireFox to help your Japanese get along. You can even set it in Japanese!

Rikaisama/rekaichan – These are streamlined dictionaries. But moreso that than, rikaisama even makes adding cards to Anki easier.

I use browser …shortcuts? Blah, I don’t know the word to use, but basically its kind of like how, you can do the tinyurl by having a button out as if it were a website, but it does something instead. Anyhow, a lot of them are things like the URL Shuffler for surusu and anki.


Japanese for Busy People – I got this way back in the beginning! I must say, I still like it, even though it focuses on the business orientated aspect of Japanese. I also liked it a lot because it was all in kana/kanji. I didn’t get the romanji version.

Genki/Adventures In Japanese – I got these to sentence mine

The Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Dictionary – I use this one when I’m on the go and need to know what a kanji is about. I don’t use this all that much because I’m near my computer for the most part, but on that rare occasion…

Japanese The Manga Way – I also use this one when I’m unable to get online to look some stuff up grammar wise. I love this book and the examples!

Well that’s all I can think of now that I use very often. Due to time restraints, I’ll add links to the page a little later. Any comments, questions? down below 🙂

One Response to “How I Study: Mikoto’s Tools”
  1. Kazeatari says:

    >> I don’t watch with subs, so I do not have the issues that lots of those with subbing complain about. I’ve not had a single problem watching anything in vlc

    Those “issues” comes from not using vlc (and that’s due to video-quality reasons). If you use vlc you can watch everything you want – WITH or without subs – and you don’t need to install proper codecs or codec packs, but you’re bound to loose something in the video quality aspect.

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