Drama Mamas up in Here!

Hello everyone! If you’ve never embraced your inner drama mama, then I highly recommend you do. Nothing says fun learning like watching people do vicious things to innocent people! One of the coolest things about dramas is you get to see a sorta exploded view, a more dramatic view of everyday life in Japan. Now, that said I want you to close your eyes and remember ‘Days of Our Lives’. Does that reflect American’s daily lives? No, not at all, however, its just an exploded view of how Americans tend to act. And of course, a lot more drama involved that a normal person wouldn’t have gone through. So, that said, I’m not saying dramas will tell you about everyday Japan life, but I’m telling you, you get to see scenery, mannerly actions, phrases like hi, what’s up and so on. Obviously people acting different than everyone else, who eventually win over everyone isn’t exactly normal either. But the closer you get to documentary type dramas, the closer you get to everyday actions. At its core, the way people hold their chopsticks for instance, doesn’t change in dramas.

Anyhow, that aside, lets get to the gritty.

No SUBTITLES!  (in English of course!)

Yeah, in the end, its just like watching anything else, if you are replacing English in your head while watching it, it doesn’t do you much good to listen to the Japanese.

If you can find good subs of Japanese however, you’ve hit the jackpot of jackpots! And while I’m on the subject, if you just LOVE Korean dramas, or Taiwan dramas and want to keep at it, then, disable sound, with Japanese subs going. You’ll just be reading a bunch, but its better than nothing!

Now, the ultimate question, where? Where do you get to see the goodness? Here is a list of stuff I recommend you go through, with at the top being a freaking awesome app I just found!


This app is awesome. Wide variety of shows, including dramas from Japan. If you watch other countries dramas, you can set the language subs into Japanese. I love this app myself, and it is available on android and apple markets!


This website, though you’re forced to have subs on the bottom have the time, is awesome. Another way to get some good variety of streams in your diet. I personally hide the subs with an envelop propped at my monitor. Every one and a while you get broken streams, but for the most part not. There are several ways to go about getting drama, and all the newest dramas are available!

My Soju

While perhaps not my favorite place to go, they do have the occasional drama stream that works where others are broken. Same as DramaCrazy though, the subs tend to be stuck on there so you gotta hide them.


While I’d say I’m far from impressed with their Japanese Drama section, I must admit that here lately they’re adding more and more. That is a good improvement, and as with their anime, when you subscribe to their drama portion you can remove the subs!

Now that you’ve found something you like? You should really support them by buying their dvds! So here are some spots to get em!

YesAsia  :  Amazon.jp  :  and other much less unmentionables, questionable sources

Not really sure what to look for? There are tons of really good sites for information


A great listing of dramas that you can search not only by name but when it aired!

Drama Wiki

This site has lots of synopsis plus information about actors. Like an actor, you can easily find out what other shows they’ve played in.

And there is even a place to get the Japanese for what you’re hearing to read along manually or to pull phrases from to learn.

Drama Note

Excellent site however is in Japanese. You just needed that extra push though didn’t you?

I’m sure there are lots of resources out there, some legal and some well, not so legal. I personally think viewing a stream, then if you like it, buying it is the best way to go. Streams are unreliable at times and hey, watching on your tv can make the experience way more fun!

So touch that inner drama mama and get to learning!


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