Random informal post!

A little while back, I talked about a mission of becoming fluent over the summer. While that didn’t pan out for me then for various reasons, I’m officially attempting this for the fall season (which to me is September, October, and November.) There are a few differences this time around: one is more clear cut goals, and the second is an even more public declaration of my mission.

So let me declare it here and now, that by December 1st, 2012, I will have:

  • Reached a total of 1000+ Anki cards. (Currently at 697. I hope to actually get more like 1200 at least!)
  • Spent 30-90 minutes of Japanese reading every day. (Some bilingual material, some monolingual.)
  • Done everything on my immersion environment checklist. (I have a set of very specific actions to make my environment more J-J. The biggest one, which is done as of today, was to install Windows 7 in Japanese!)

I hope to make an update post at the end of each month to further publicize my mission and live up to my own goals! See you all then! 🙂

Update! One of the blog’s wonderful readers requested a look at my immersion environment checklist. Here’s a peek at some of the very specific actions I plan on taking (or have already taken) towards my goal:

Checklist items

  • Install Windows 7 in Japanese (I found out you can actually use your existing “English” Windows key on a Japanese copy too.)
  • Find 3 new Japanese bands using the site last.fm.
  • Try to talk with Japanese people on Lang-8.
  • Try the J-J branching process.
  • Find and use Japanese OCR software.
  • Tag items in the house with Japanese words (ie: put the word 窓・まど on a window.)
  • Spend time looking for more material subbed in Japanese.
  • Find a Japanese guitar tab site(s).
  • Find more Japanese alternatives to English sites I usually visit.
  • Set up time limits for sites like Facebook, etc.
  • Find a Japanese proxy service to access Japan-only content.
  • Clear my surusu URL shuffler bookmarks and re-start with Japanese-only sites.
  • Bookmarks bar is Japanese only.
  • Find streaming Japanese talk-radio.
11 Responses to “Random informal post!”
  1. Carl says:

    Could you please post your immersion checklist? Perhaps you already have.

  2. Carl says:

    You flatter me (´・ω・`)
    Great list! I’ve been thinking of doing something similar, basically typing down everything I do every day and see if I can do it in Japanese instead!

  3. Delenir says:

    Writing things down is a good way to keep your self on track and see your progress! I’m finally at a point where I can try to replace everyday stuff from English/French to Japanese instead.

  4. 名前 says:

    I’m not sure if you have this one done or not yet, but I thought I’d share with you if you haven’t yet.
    Find a Japanese proxy service to access Japan-only content.

  5. Ramses says:

    Good goals! As for Windows 7: there are language packs you can install. No need to do a fresh install 🙂

    • Delenir says:

      When I added Japanese support (or rather set it as my locale) it only changed it on certain programs and not the interface. Maybe you mean something different?

    • PandaChan says:

      I believe he wanted to make EVERYTHING into japanese, like the error messages, the window’s names, everything. This is more than just the Language pack as it really converts all of the OS into Japanese. However, having just a language pack is good for the majority of us who aren’t quite ready for full immersion.

      • Delenir says:

        That’s right, this made *everything* in Japanese, right from the installer to the Loading Windows to well… everything. There is no English anywhere.

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