Technical Speak Introdution

Thank you for everyone who voted on which words they’d like to hear most. You can expect each posts to have vocabulary (with kanji included), explanations, and usages in sentences.

Surprisingly we had the following results:

Philosophy 18%

The following are 12%ers.

Computer Science

Computer Engineering



And that my friends is the main results of the polls. So while I don’t think between the three of us authors actually are into Philosophy, we will do our best to bring you some great technical speak thereof.

The rest will of course be touched on as well, following a few posts on Philosophy. Is there any particular part of Philosophy you want to hear about? Please comment below.

One Response to “Technical Speak Introdution”
  1. Delenir says:

    I am into it for the most part, I just don’t know the subject from a Japanese vocabulary point of view 🙂

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