Monthly Lolita: Gothic (ゴスロリ)

Firstly I’d like to apologize for dropping off of the face of the fashion world! I’ll be returning with the same gusto that I had before! This month we’re going to discuss Gothic Lolita in more detail. In our overview I mentioned that it was a style that consisted mostly of blacks, and burnt colors. Also the iconic western gothic items are used: crosses, spikes, duds.

Frills, bows and ruffles are still to be expected in this style but can be downplayed some. Remember that with all lolita styles, it’s meant to enhance femininity, The stark contrast between white  and the black or other burnt colors make this style very appealing to me. Instead of the dress being all of one color or similar pallets, gothic allows accents to really pop and and grab you. (Yes I realize I’m a little biased as my favorite animals are pandas and cows and I had one of those “only wear black and white” phases of my life, but black and white are just beautiful!)

Makeup is always important in any style of lolita but in the same respect, don’t over do it. Never do the paled out face associated with western goths. However, you can do a bright lip with dark smokey eyes to help pale out your face. And don’t forget your hair while doing your make up! Gothic lolita allows all sorts of styles in hair but the easiest is to keep your hair down, clean and shiny! If you want to make your hair extra shiny, be sure to use a straighter (Always use a heat protector with using any heat) to smooth any fly aways.

To be noted: It’s important when searching for gothic lolita to not be confused with a few things. First, when searching, don’t confuse Maid lolita with gothic lolita. I would say 40% of gothic loilta on google were actually Maid lolita. Maid lolita is actually more of a cosplay than a daily fashion. Not to say anything is wrong with Maid Lolita, but it’s probably not accepted as a day to day style. (Unless you’re a maid of course and want to be super cute while cleaning!) Secondly, Please don’t confuse western gothic with Japanese gothic. Western gothic is more relaxed with tee-shirts, baggy paints, piercings, chains, and a ‘grungy’ look. (NO judgement, fellow goths!) Japanese goth is more refined and put together. Also, Japanese goth has more lace, Victorian styles, and western icons (such as crosses and the like).  However, the christian meanings behind those icons aren’t as present or strong as it is in western fashion.

Panda’s outfit:

I would probably wear this with a cardigan or a plain blouse underneath the dress. I like modesty when it comes to my arms!

Mikoto’s outfit:

Places to buy gothic loilta:

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