Moving and Immersion

As you guys probably know by now, I  like to move. In fact, its weird if I don’t move, so as I got to think about it, maybe giving some of the tips I’ve realized since I started moving and keeping in Japanese would help some of you who maybe like to move or will move soonish. Some of these concepts are in line with Daniel’s immersion on the go mentality, save rather than just a small amount, you’re going large.

I start it by Immersion in a Box!

This Box, which can either be different in colors, can also be plain, or a duffle bag, or a backpack, or something basically where you can store stuff.

If you sit down and think about it, what can give you the most bang for your buck? This is what will fill your bag. Here are some examples:

  • MP3 Players 
  • iPods, iTouches, iPads
  • Tablets of your choosing, like Kindle Fire, Nook, and so forth
  • Physical Books you just love
  • Paper Dictionary (if you prefer them over electronic ones, or an electronic dic)
  • Posters (motivational or informatative)
  • Movies
  • Games
  • DS or Other gaming devices like PS2 that do JP games

The reason these things will stay separated is, if all in doubt, they can fill moments where you need some immersion. Here is some rules:

  1. Never place this box with other boxes.
  2. Mark it up, put a sign ”HEY LEAVE THIS OUT AND ALONE!’ (I’ve had the issue where someone tried to pack it away because they were unaware)
  3. Do not place anything unJapanese orientated in the box. I don’t care if you need your toothbrush out, it does not go in here
  4. If you take something out (before or during the move) make sure to put it back
  5. Mark all other items that may be related to Japanese but not as important as this emergency immersion box, so that when you are in your new place you can easily pull it out

Now Here are some tips on how to use the box (some of these will not be applicable to parents, however there are also tips that wont make sense to the single)

  • Music should be playing in the background during your packing times. It will not hurt anything to have this going
  • Music in your ears can prevent you from hearing people ask questions about stuff, and you want to make it a smooth time for everyone
  • Don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t want to listen to JP, hey you rule your house right? (jk, at least make compromise)
  • During the packing stage, hesitate to pack any secondary equipment, such as your gaming/computer type devices, as it really wont hurt to save them for last.
  • Things like books and movies come in really handy during night times and breaks.
  • Hold off on additions to studying, but maintain minimum things like SRS reps
  • If your computer is your sole thing to study with, it should be last to pack and first to unpack, even if  you’re laying on the floor with it, keep that alive. (it will help you avoid guilt)
  • Take Breaks! (hey this important in packing to not overwork your body, best time to sneak in a few things there)
  • If you rely on internet exclusively but anticipate being without internet  make sure to get things for offline as much as possible. This can be difficult, but I know you’re crafty! (I’ll give more tips on this in a second)
  • During the Ride, you might wanna get one of those MP3 sound speakers. Sad thing is, most moving vans do not even have CD players. (I’ve never seen one at least) Headphones, also work, but I found they sometimes make me miss phone calls and I need that due to the dual driving of daughter/partner)
  • If you’re hotel-ling, make sure to keep the sound going. This is the most useful immersion tool during your moving.
  • When you get to your new home, besides the desire to crash out on the floor and cough on carpet dust, pull our your box of wonders, PUT IT EVERYWHERE!
  • Never have Japanese out of reach now, it should be more important than food!

Tips on Non-Internet computer exclusive:

So  you’re a big fan of web browsing and perhaps that is where you get all your excitement. If you don’t have a laptop with internet abilities and a free WiFi, it may be useful to temporarily forget your SRS reps, but don’t throw out the complete possibilities of non immersion.

Copy Web Pages to your hard drive

  • Make a folder in an area that you got lots of space, and make a shortcut to your desktop
  • Options—> Save Page As (Chrome/FireFox)–>Save under a name your want
  • Do this X a lot, because if you do not know when you will get internet, then you want to make sure you have enough to fill your fancy.

Use Jdownloader

  • If you don’t believe in pirating, that’s fine, youtube is full of audio that is actually legal
  • copying the link for the page will show you the audio file among others for the link (if you want), download it!

Friends, Families, neighbors, businesses, and Wifi’s

  • If you are moving near family or friends or a McDonalds, use them. USE THEM
  • jk (hehe) McDonalds, as long as you agree to their terms can allow you a wide opportunity of time. Kids can play in the play area.
  • If no laptop, then ask family or friends if you can chill just for a few hours to get some immersion in. They love you, they will understand.
  • Most apartments have a business center that does have free WiFi with computers, utilize one the other or both.
  • Ride off of neighbor WiFi’s (ask permission, a lot of them will be  more than happy to temporarily allow you to piggy back, offer some money even, be creative!)

In the end of it all however, you know your situation and how it will overall work out. Think carefully on how you can beat the system and get the most JP around you. In the end, there is no excuse that you cannot get at least something around you.

One Response to “Moving and Immersion”
  1. Cassandra says:

    I love the idea of an immersion box! That would have been extremely useful when we moved last summer…

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