International Love

Following on the tracks of my last post, I want to tell you about 3 movies that, in one way or another, are bi-cultural. I couldn’t for the life of me ever remember the title of the first movie, so in my head I always called it “The International School of Love.” But it’s actually…

I couldn't remember the title of a movie called this. IRONY.

I couldn’t remember the title of a movie called this. IRONY.

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, or quite differently titled 誰かが私にキスをした in Japanese, is about a young girl who loses her memories and spends most of the movie rediscovering who she is. It features both American and Japanese cast members, and features dialogue in both languages. A lot of the film takes place at an international school, which is where my made up title comes from!


You’ll certainly warm up to this film.

Thermae Romae features the meeting of two cultures–modern Japan and Ancient Rome. The movie first takes place in the later, with a Roman architect out of ideas for the famous Roman bathhouses, the thermae. One day, he finds himself warped to modern-day Japanese bathhouse. Suddenly he’s full of ideas, which he brings back to Rome when he’s warped back. He makes a few trips like this, and there’s even a romance story to be had. Scenes taking place in Rome feature a lot of Western actors, with their lines being dubbed over in Japanese. There’s even some Latin dialogue thrown in here for good measure.

Sorta kinda based on a true story!

Sorta kinda based on a true story!

How can I not mention My Darling is a Foreigner? It’s the only movie out of these to feature Japanese dialogue by a non-Japanese person—and a lot of it! It’s quite encouraging to see a foreigner with such good Japanese that he’s in a movie about it! It’s more or less a romance story as well, and features various bi-cultural elements that language learners will find quite interesting! The main character is very fond of the Japanese language itself, so let that inspire you to new heights!

Work Smarter not Harder

Case in point…

I’m surprised to still read about doing a lot of things manually on language learning blogs. Writings that talk all about how technology lets us bring foreign language media to us, yet they’ll tell you to copy and paste hundreds of sentences and translations by hand, use a paper dictionary, or to look up words while reading a manga, without mentioning powerful time savers like Learning With Texts or premade resources like iKnow. My general rule is that if something takes longer to set up or prepare than to use, then it’s probably not worth your time, and there’s likely a more effective way to to it. So for the sake of progress, work smarter, not harder!

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