Monthly Lolita: Punk


Ok, couldn’t resist the punk panda. I mean, who doesn’t love a little punk in their life right (and a little cute panda momma)

So, if you haven’t noticed, this week we’re going over Punk lolita! Our overview, I realized, had some major typos in it. Meaning, it just stopped mid description! Thankfully we’re going back and going over all of these so that you little punksters out there can see the true meaning of Punk! yaaaaaah.

So, first things first! Punk’s general style has tattered clothing, plaid, safety-pins, chains, ties, and what have you. We incorporate this into Lolita by toning down the femininity and making it more neutral. This style of lolita is common for both male and females because of that.  However, just because it’s toned down doesn’t mean it’s not fun!

Be punkish but still conform to some of Lolita’s rules (I know oxymoron and all): be put together. If you’re going to do this, make sure you put your heart into it and really embrace it. Keep the silhouette that we’ve talked about, but make it not as defined. Polish the look with boots or even keep to the Mary-Janes. As always, accessorize! Fishnets also go a long way.  Lolita is not just about the clothes, but the over all image and taking command of it.

As far as make up goes, it’s unclear but to follow the trend of other lolita, you want to enhance your natural beauty, but bring out the punk! Go heavy on your eye line and a pop of color on the lid. Be sure to consider what you’re wearing and try to match somewhat! The lips can be a pop of color or just simple tinted gloss. I read somewhere that punks draw shapes on their faces, I know sometimes cute lolita do hearts, so why not the punks do stars and other… punk.. icons? I don’t know! Have fun, this is after all probably one of the most relaxed in terms of rules.

Pandas outfit:

mikoto’ Outfit:

Where to buy:
Punk seem to be more exclusive than all of the other styles. Just keep a look out when shopping for gothic and EGA.

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