Taking The Plunge

For a while now, I’ve felt a bit stuck at the intermediate stage. I’ve already written about the various things I’ve had to give up in order to make better progress, I’ve done a lot of research about good study techniques and learning resources, and written about many on this blog too. But now I think the time has come where I need to stop reading about learning, and even stop writing about learning, and truly give actual learning everything I can. I’m ready to take the plunge.
In the beginning, I firmly believe it’s very important to read about how to learn, so that you can have an effective approach to your linguistic endeavors. After all, I still want you to enjoy the posts we’ve made on this wonderful blog! 🙂 And certainly I would never have discovered things like self-immersion, Heisig, Anki, URL shufflers, media resources, or even some wonderful friends had I not taken the opportunity look at different and radical ways to learn Japanese.
I really enjoy writing for the blog, and being part of a community of learners. I would never want to say so long to that. So instead, I want to take a journey into getting much better at Japanese, so that I can come back to that community not as someone who’s still struggling with the process, but as someone who has attained competence in the language and can help others do the same. In the meantime, I would love to stay in contact with readers. I still reply to personal messages by e-mail and Facebook, and I will likely be posting some great finds on twitter more so than I do now. Best of luck to everyone, and I hope to see you all again soon!
3 Responses to “Taking The Plunge”
  1. PandaChan says:

    I look forward to your monolingual additions in the future! Good luck with everything my fellow blogger!

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  1. […] in May, I posted about taking the plunge into big level ups in Japanese. Funny thing is, before I looked back to that post just now, I felt […]

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