Monthly Lolita: Sweet (甘ロリ)

Here we are wrapping up our monthly lolita overviews. Free not little minions, for Panda will not leave you abandoned in the sea of Lolita! I plan to go back and do another overview with more Japanese terms and Japanese perspective to help further your Japanese learning (after all this blog does focus on LEARNING Japanese, not just dressing for it). Also, there are a LOT of other styles of lolitas out there.

There are also a lot of readers that are interested in making their own lolita clothes on a budget, so I’ll try to come in and give some tips, tricks, and know-hows. But that’s for the future! Back to our monthly lolita broadcast.

Sweet lolita is sweet, with sweet things. Imagine a candy bar wrapped in more candy. Sweeeeeeeeeet!

Anyways, back to the real description. Unfortunately, sweet lolita, although beautiful in its own right, is what westerns and nay-says think of when they hear lolita. There is a lot of negativity to this style and lolita in general because it is more on the younger side, using pastels and child-friendly motifs. People who are unfamiliar with the real meaning of Lolita feels this style (and lolita in general) appeals to pedophiles and children lovers. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Please remember that just because it is innocence, doesn’t mean that women are trying to be childlike or appeal to gross men and women. With all Lolita styles, it’s the modesty and innocence that is trying to be reclaimed along with femininity. ANYWAYS: I’ll get off of my soap box.

As stated, Sweet lolita uses light pastels and child like motifs( Fruit, flowers and animal themes) to make up the bulk of its design.. Sweet lolita also includes fairytale designs, such as Alice in Wonderland, and princess themes. Sweet lolita encompasses just everything sweet and delicate.

To dress your hair for sweet lolita, be sure to include bonnets or bows in your hair. As far as your hair style goes, do soft curls or waves, or straight with a slight curl at the end. Putting your hair up in half pigtails are also equally cute.

Accessories include handbags in the shape of  fruits, animals or other cute shapes. Parasols are often used in photo-ops as well. Have to keep that skin youthful and beautiful!

Makeup needs to be basic and more for a basic coverage to correct blemishes and even skin tone and small highlighting of the eyes. Blush is allowed, but don’t go drag queen heavy on it. Lips should be a light pink stain or lightly tinted gloss.

Panda’s outfit:

Purse iId love to own:


Mikoto’s Outfit:

Love it! Sweet Lolita toned down just a bit for everyday!



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