Little Update

Still working on some of the background stuff, you can see we’ve played a bit with the design already, and well they’re free designs and they look just like that hahaha. Since I try to keep everything free as possible, I might get my hands dirty in some CSS, or something, not sure, but that’s a long away project, as for now, this is probably the format we’ll have for a while for fun.

I also just want to toss out a thanks to the readers for still chilling around dinging our pages all the time, despite our sorta radio silence. You’ll probably be well rewarded though if you stick through to the New Year. I’m letting this semi out, but the blog’s going to have a fun addition added on the New Year, and guess what, IT’S FREE. 

So yeah, there is that, but all Delenir is coming back, going to post up some goodies he’s been discovering, I also did two mini experiments and want to report on that. 

Also some big changes to me, I’m a jobin’ mama now, I take care of my daughter and work in evenings/nights. How will I fit JP into that? You’ll get to see some sneak peeks at my schedule and what I do to juggle three giant activities! Also I have to move in a month. So I’ll be printing some things out for my internetless few weeks (the HORROR!). 


Also Also, MINI TADOKU!! I shall not let this down. I’ve sorta begun to get slack, just getting use to a training period of work, and there is a wedding I’m the maid of honor for, so I’ll be making sure I hit my target without fail. Let’s kick some butt! I want to not just prove to myself, but to you guys too that what’s a job, daily child care, internetless and traveling going to do to stop you when you mean it! (let’s hope haha)


so maybe not a little Update 😀 Hope to get some ‘real’ posts up on some of our experiments and new findings, and get the table of contents updated and changed, and what not.  See you guys!

2 Responses to “Little Update”
  1. Daniru says:

    Good to hear things are on the up for you and that the blog will be back up and running (missing my fix).

    I’ll see you on the tadoku-field. Back at work now after two weeks off so hoping I can get some decent Japanese time in between work, sleep and socialising 😀 Good luck!

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