Fluent in 3 Months Mention

I thought I might mention Benny officially here on the blog. As a duel thing. For one, Benny is now officially taking on Japanese. I’m excited about it, and I can’t wait to see how things progress for him. Secondly I’ve mentioned Benny here and there but haven’t really shared much about his style.

See Benny is a Polygot, and he can speak a bunch of languages, and most of them are European, but he’s lately branched into Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), and now Japanese. After seeing him own up Arabic and Chinese, I’m not really going to be all that surprised when he speaks Japanese pretty well.

Now let me tell you kinda why you might be interested in him. Benny is from Ireland, and he didn’t speak languages till he was past the supposed golden ages of learning languages (which neither of us, nor anyone on this blog believes in), and began to try and get as good as he could about learning them in 3 months. 3 months isn’t something he does to be crazy fluent, but rather a sort of goal to make himself work super hard and trick his brain into learning lots in a short time.

Now Fluent in 3 Months, should probably really be called, Conversationally Fluent in 3 months, due to his branching into harder text languages preventing him from being further fluent in reading in a short time. Regardless though, Benny has thus far lived up to all his 3 month speaking goals, which is what language has always been about for him to begin with.

Now, from scouring his website, his videos, and emails, I get the idea that Benny, like other polygots out there sorta all use this same core method of study, and then add their own little tweaks given their personal learning styles and way of spending time when it comes to trying to speak fluently in a short time. I’m actually going to make a post about this specifically, for those interested, but I will sum up some of the things Benny does in a day.

He follows a small sleep and siesta nap cycle. He also tends to do some sort of workout, work extensively on his blog in English and on his book content. He generally uses an SRS in dead times with a smart phone, and sings in his target language. Everyday he usually tries to talk to a native via skype likeness, or preferably in person if he can. He also makes sure that he uses a time boxing method called the Pomodorio and other little tips like learning with phrases and not with vocabulary. Benny is also a vegetarian who doesn’t drink, but also gets a lot of time to study, as his current job is his website, book, and going to talk shows.

If you’re interested in learning a language quickly in speech, and interested in a polygots approach to language learning, then check him out. He has some really good summary videos as well as lots of videos showing him at various stages of various languages. I might want to also add that he does not learn the languages to native fluency. If your goal is native fluency, and you’re hovering around advanced or above, chances are you wont learn anything massive breakthrough like from Benny. But if you’re a beginner to low intermediate, his technique can be helpful if you’re not a strong speaker. Either way, his motivational speeches are worth watching regardless.

Benny also hosts a forum that can help you speak to natives as well as a favorite, LWT online. Benny’s book, I’ve been told from a buyer, is very helpful tips for beginners and some intermediates, and can really help you focus on speaking connectors and what not, and has video demonstrations of how to use contextual clues in conversations and what not. I’ve heard that some feel it is a little pricey if you’re already familiar with self learning and are intermediate or above, but a few beginners I’ve talked to had really nice things to say about it.

While I’m not here to peddle a product, I want to say that Benny is a very positive speaker, in both written and spoken form, and listening to a speech or two from him can really help empower you when you’re feeling down, and can help motivate you to keep going forward.

Fluent in 3 months, just really is a method of studying specific conversational things with intensive native practice in 3 months. Mini daily, weekly, and monthly goals are all set up to help motivate and keep you on track.

For those of you like me, who focused only on reading, absorbing and testing some of his advice has been helpful in helping me push past a giant lull. Now back into my Esperanto story in the next post.

Because I said you will!



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