Experiments: Vampire Language P4

Day 2 Bust and a Day 3 Revolution

Day two of my Esperanto experience I woke up with a massive headache and depression. I was feeling pretty low about the major recent discoveries and hadn’t quite worked them out, I hadn’t yet thought of them positive, but i was trying and the headache was awful. I didn’t let the day be complete waste. I studied some and I think i realized that it was the listening to a whole new language a lot that did it. I’ve listened to Japanese for so long in a passive and active way, that Japanese is just as comfortable to hear and listen to as English. There isn’t a struggle. With Esperanto now, there was a struggle to hear, listen to what was being said, and that extra brain power was not expected.

After studying my bare minimums in both languages, and then a bit more in Esperanto, I called it a day and worked on positive thinking. A lot of people might not realize it, but for people like me, I struggle to learn a language and cope with brain problems. The same would be for someone who deals with chronic physical discomforts like diseases and pain. I don’t tend to talk about these things because well, everyone struggles with them to some extent, both physical and mental, however those of us with chronic problems deal with them a lot more. Also I don’t like to use it as an excuse for things, nor let it hamper my thoughts of getting things done. But truth be told, I have to work on it, and that takes away from what I want to be doing more, like learning a language, but c’est la vie!

On day 3 I noticed that I was ill equipped for thinking about conversation. I was kinda at a loss and sorta aimlessly wondered about youtube and such looking for more on the conversational approach to language learning. Of course, there was a million things for Pimsleur and what not, but nothing really felt like something that was FREE and worth the time to read/listen to it all. In fact, it just feels like there is people who know what to use for conversation and people who don’t. I realized then, it was because I wasn’t speaking.


Okay. I know that seems super easy when you point it out, but for some reason, that die hard learn by reading approach just wouldn’t stop. The people who got good at learning what to speak in languages are people that immediately went out trying to speak to people. So I decided I wanted to learn by what I was already doing in English, since its all I got. I sat down with Panda and we thought of all sorts of things about what we tend to talk about daily and first meeting stuff.

And for some of us (cough me cough) it just wasn’t so obvious. I’ve written a post about things I read and research about, which could lend in the speaking world of hobbies, but its still written and doesn’t flow the same way conversation does. So yeah, the only solution. Talk, try to at least, and write down any subjects I wanted to talk about but couldn’t, and figure out how to say them, get corrections from natives and what not and TALK SOME MORE.

Isn’t it amazing that all that I’m really really learning has nothing to do with the language and everything to do with my approach? Yea, I noticed too…

One more Post in the series before an Esperanto post of love about resources and what not.

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