Experiments: Vampire Language P5

All’s Well that Ends Well

so, the next day I decided several things about the blog and language learning. I asked myself questions, studied of course, and decided that I didn’t like what I had been doing all this time. But now I was so discombobulated, I didn’t know what to change first.

So one step at a time. I wrote down the following things:

  1. Make blog more personal now: I noticed that I don’t actually write much at all about my own personal struggles. I journal in a whole different land, and well, while I wont bring that crazy to the table, I figured maybe a little wouldn’t hurt.
  2. Focus on efficiency: Revamp exactly how my active studying is done, for any language.
  3. Work on positivity and believing in myself for language learning: I don’t want to find myself sitting here thinking I can’t do it again.
  4. Speak lots more!

I actually sat down and talked to Del and Panda about the blog and its direction before this experiment, but again afterwards, as it felt a little different but even more empowered about the content we wanted to add. That’s when we decided that we wanted to do more. I’m still sorta hushy about it, but that’s mostly because things are so hectic, I don’t want to disappoint!

Well this particular post is short and sweet. I decided on Day 5 that I did not want to learn Esperanto just yet. This day I also had job interview and found out I was going to be working. I decided to refocus myself, as I missed studying Japanese, and now would have to figure out a brand new schedule for work.

My goal is to come back to Esperanto soon, and actually work on it once I conquer some of the personal issues that came out. But I found the experiment to do exactly what I wanted, and so quickly that I was shocked at how fast it happened. It was a success. And I hope that my personal findings may help you. And I think that it would do everyone good to try it out, just to show themselves how resetting yourself midway through is a fun experiment for perspective on your approach and feelings.

Good luck if you try it!

After working for a while, and trying to find my sort of purpose in Japanese, I did ultimately come to the conclusion that I know more than I realized, and that I should trust in myself more, a lot more. A lot of the notes I’ve made over the months reflect that I’ve always been on a good path. Sure I’ve never been focused on speed or intensity, but I’ve never stopped making progress in Japanese. But I did decide that I wanted to officially make some Japanese speaking goals, and thus started up experiment 2 which also for the first time, has timed goals, speaking goals, video goals, and all with in the constraints of 7 hour watching daughter  day followed by 9 hour evening/night work where the only thing i can do is listen to an mp3 player. Not Internets, no phones allowed.

More on that later.

Please stay tuned for a very long list of Esperanto related resources and information that was gathered by myself and a few others that will be posted in a few days, littered with comments on how much I enjoyed Esperanto.


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