Its coming again for the month of October! So go forth and  set yourselves up if you haven’t already. For those who saw my sad pathetic attempts on the mini trial last month, hopefully you’ll not see that again. Granted this time, I will not be in all out throws of wedding mania from a best friend for 6 of those 15 days, lol.

I’m glad to say that we have Del on board with this one too. Not to mention that I just scored some more books at a Japanese book store that’s 3 hours away. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been reading a lot of Japanese the last two months and I’m already missing it. So upcoming tadoku is just the little reminder of ‘hey wth are you not reading all the time for’ reminder that I needed. I wanted to do an understanding analysis this time around too. What % of the words on a page type do I get, without a dictionary, and how much have I been randomly skipping? I’m going to post those stats up, as well as this really cool youtube video about guessing meanings of words, and how to do it in a foreign language soon.

To many posts conglomerating.

Next up is a post by Del, and his summer shenanigans, and then the Esperanto post of goodness links will follow. Then, an announcement of a brand New experiment that is going under way with an all new something special that you will get to probably laugh at, and more info on the stats from tadoku when that’s up. Plus lots of little goodies. So keep expecting the wonderful updates for the blog and hope you guys enjoy your tadoku round!

One Response to “Tadoku SPLASH”
  1. Delenir says:

    I’m excited to be on board! Actually using Japanese (reading in this case) vs only doing things like SRS has already been a huge motivator, and it just feels better to have a variety of exposure to the language. Here’s to another great project!

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  • Read More or Die! 2011

    _2011 End Results_
    Total read for Tadoku:
    __433.3 pages!__
    Placement: 115/188
    October 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 97/120
    End Tally: 59.2
    July 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 86/142
    End Tally: 195.6
    April 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 62/106
    End Tally: 154.5
    January 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 84/99
    End Tally: 24
    August 2010 Contest:
    Placement: 20/41
    End Tally: 160

  • Read Or Die 2013

    Goal: 600
    Total: 906.26
    blew my goal outta the water!

    March 2-Week:
    Goal: 125

    Goal: 250
    Total: 314

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