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There are tons of resources out there at our disposal. Some meant to learn, some for exploring, and some whom probably are on the verge of epic. I hope you enjoy the list below, as it is a comprised list of a lot of the resources that we gathered around. Please enjoy and just remember, there is epicness within all languages.

(Warning, video slightly bloody and violent)

Overall Learning Resources:

  1. Lernu! #1 recommended website for learning/grasping/general understanding of Esperanto.
  2. English-Esperanto Virtual Phrasebook: For those who love to learn through phrases, this website offers a wide variety and some general understanding of Esperanto to.
  3. Universala Esperanto Metodo (Videos with speaker): Basically this method book was created, complete immersion style. Very fun to follow with and listen to.
  4. Legu Esperanton: Esperanto youtube course.
  5. Pasporto a la tuta mondo: Awesome skit to learn Esperanto in complete immersion style! Highly recommended to watch for fun alone.
  6. Kurso de Esperanto: Mazi on Gondolando: Muzzi, most of us 80-90’s kids know about this fuzzy guy.


  1. Lernu!: As apart of their website, there is a built in dictionary. Its pretty extensive, but lacking on specifics like computer technology.
  2. Vort’aro De: Dictionary downloads, with a good roots and what not grammar chart on the page.
  3. Esperanto Panorama (Esperanto-English Dictionary): “issued from the data of the multilingual dictionary Ergane. It contains more than 15000 words.”
  4. Reta-Vortaro: Really niffty dictionary you can do to search by groups and what not.


  1. Type Esperanto Characters: Must copy and paste however, not an ime
  2. Tajpi for Windows will make life easier.

Shortcut learning: I want to interject that these links are about 80/20 rule mentality, and meant for those in a super rush, not all encompassing.

  1. False Friends: List of words that look like English/Spanish/so forth, but are not that word. It also display the correct one.
  2. Wiki’s Frequency List: “Based on words found in Esperanto Wikipedia XML dump of 20110205.”
  3. Esperanto Panorama (Esperanto-English Glossary): “This glossary contains the 552 most frequent Esperanto words and morphemes …. It is estimated from word frequency studies that this corresponds to approximately 2000 words in other languages and covers 80 % of the words encountered.”
  4. Esperanto Common Roots Glossary: “…from the Frekvencmorfemaro de Parolata Esperanto [list] … frequency in spoken Esperanto. That list revealed…95% comprehension in Esperanto, and … 80% comprehension based on frequency of use.”

Books! Reading! Audiobooks!: Lots to buy, but here are some great freebie sites below

  1. Books Should Be Free: There is a hefty amount of books/audiobooks on this website for Esperanto just look around. I linked Alice in Wonderland here for you to get started.
  2. Vikipedio: Wikipedia for Esperanto of course! Wiki has a wealth of Esperanto reading, even more than that of standard Arabic!
  3. Elibroj: A giant listing of pdf Esperanto books for downloading.
  4. Project Gutenberg: A personal fav for any language, linked for Esperanto
  5. Gerda malaperis: Is a story in Esperanto written to be progressively more complex, making it very good learning material. There is also a low-budget film based on the story. This link will direct you to courses based on Gerda malaperis in several languages.
  6. ISSUU: No official setting the language to Esperanto, but there is a lot of books otherwise when searching under Esperanto in the search bar.

Media! Videos! Movies! Audio!

  1. La Alfabeto (LearnEsperanto): The alfabeto 😛
  2. La Alfabeto de Esperanto (scioj): The more variety you hear the better,
  3. Ana Pana, Kurso de ESperanto: follows Lernu!’s Ana Pana series with a sims like twist to it. Enjoy, if you want to be slightly disturbed (jk)
  4. Esperanto – Novaĵ televid ĵurnalo: A news video from the link below.
  5. China Interreta Informa Centro: News from China in Esperanto (I put it in the media section because there are tons of videos.

Youtube/Twitter People!

  1. Priscila Dragón: Awesome Esperanto videos. Lost of variety and subject of talkage.
  2. Profetak: Lost of Esperanto stuff.
  3. Transparent Language (Speakesperanto) : Twitter feed usually has lots of freebies of varying coolness.

This barely scratches the surface of available content, and this one will be updated as people recommend, we discover more quality and fun. But really searching in Esperanto, you can find lots of things to do, many people to talk to on Italki or sharedtalk, even rinospike and other language sites like lang-8.

Got a recommendation? Link below to get it added! And as always, thank you for reading. 🙂

2 Responses to “Esperanto Resources”
  1. Thanks a lot for these resources. You may also find esperanto books at ISSUU.

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