My Tadoku Thought Process

I’ve had a few people ask me here recently how I approach reading things I don’t know. If you want to go the way of Extensive reading (tadoku) thought, you’d simply skip it if context doesn’t help you out. For me, I do a little bit more effort. So the following steps is what I … Continue reading

Bilingual Books!

Books that not only include Japanese and English text, but also explain that text, can be a very useful addition to your library, especially when you’re looking to delve into reading for the first time. Today I want to talk to you about 3 such books that I use and enjoy myself. First up is… Read Real … Continue reading

A few Books Worth Getting

There are not a whole lot of books that I endorse for learning Japanese however There are a few that I got out of curiosity sakes that I must admit are pretty darn cool. If you are a beginner to an intermediate person, or looking perhaps for a spark after you’ve been studying a while, … Continue reading

So you wanna read, eh? Children’s Books Edition I

So you wanna read, eh? Children’s Books Edition I そばだんご Newly added to Kokoronoehon’s website: “Buckwheat Dumplings”. 文:いしだ としこ 絵:みやじま ともみ No audio The weasel works hard to plant some buckwheat along with the rat, and gets tricked! But not to worry, the weasel gets his stinky revenge! Level 3 (Easy). Hiragana, Katakana, Very few, … Continue reading

So you wanna read, eh?

Regardless of whether you are an intensive, extensive, or even both type of reader, these links, reviews, and so on will help you.

Experiments With Reading

Today’s post is going to be a short one… well maybe not. As I speak, my darling slave editor is typing this for me. I am currently on my way to the Grandparents’ house and really wanted to get this post up. If you’re new to the world of reading, despite your hesitations, you really … Continue reading

Tadoku Library

I had the crazy idea of starting up my own private library for Tadoku. Just wanted to get this idea up while its fresh in my mind.  I want to make it cheap (as amassing books can get), diverse, and starting at my sorta lower level. The more I read about extensive reading the more … Continue reading

Book Review: The Ultimate Japanese Phrasebook

The Ultimate Japanese Phrasebook: 1800 Sentences for Everyday Use by Kit Pancoast Nagamura and Kyoko Tsuchiya Japanese Narrated by Reiko Matsunaga and Tatsuhiro Nishinosono English Narrated by Katie Adler and Jeff Gedert I don’t normally read or write book reviews myself. Mostly because I get sad I can’t go buy it and use it, and … Continue reading

Remembering the Kanji Part 2

Remembering the Kanji Part 2 In the previous post I described what RTK is about and such, so now lets discuss how you’re actually suppose to go about learning it. Heisig himself tells you exactly what to do, from how to set up your flash cards to how to go about making your stories and … Continue reading

Remembering the Kanji Part 1

Remembering the Kanji Part 1 Remembering the Kanji (RTK) is a three volume set by James Heisig meant for learning to easily recognize and write kanji. While most every RTK user that is midway to finished will talk of RTK in hushed revered voices, or loud excitable ones, you wont find many who hate the … Continue reading

  • Read More or Die! 2011

    _2011 End Results_
    Total read for Tadoku:
    __433.3 pages!__
    Placement: 115/188
    October 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 97/120
    End Tally: 59.2
    July 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 86/142
    End Tally: 195.6
    April 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 62/106
    End Tally: 154.5
    January 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 84/99
    End Tally: 24
    August 2010 Contest:
    Placement: 20/41
    End Tally: 160

  • Read Or Die 2013

    Goal: 600
    Total: 906.26
    blew my goal outta the water!

    March 2-Week:
    Goal: 125

    Goal: 250
    Total: 314