Power Up Your Japanese

At last, the day has come for me to walk down the monolingual road. Basically what this means using a Japanese dictionary to look up unknown Japanese words. This is an experiment I’ve been doing over the last little while, and now that I have a system that’s working, I’d like to share it with … Continue reading

Tools Review: 4 – Dictionaries Part IV – Add-ons, Phone Apps, ect. (multilingual)

There is a surprisingly large number of dictionaries now available as add-ons, phone applications as well as dictionaries available for your Nintendo DS, PDA, and other hand-held devices. This review page will be slightly different. Rather than writing pros and cons, I’m simply going to list the items and their descriptions to save on reading … Continue reading

Tools Review: 3 – Dictionaries Part III – Electronic Dictionaries (multilingual)

A lot of people are really getting high-tech when it comes to dictionaries. Though perhaps not what I would consider the best use of your money, these dictionaries can come in mighty handy if you don’t already own a newer phone, pdaish like thing, or DS. Because of the overwhelming number of dictionaries out there … Continue reading

Tools Review: 2 – Dictionaries Part II – Internet (multilingual)

As to continue from my previous post on Dictionaries, the guidelines for finding hardback books apply in part to internet dictionaries too. One should also be very careful as to the source they’re pulling this online dictionary from too. Unlike printed mediums that have a lot of process and red tape to pass through, any … Continue reading

Tools Review: 1 – Dictionaries Part I – Books (multilingual)

Welcome to the start of my reviews on tools. I’ll be covering a large variety of programs, games, websites, books, and such to help you out on your journey in learning Japanese. I will do my best to layout how to use, get, or find the tools and what people are saying about them. Though … Continue reading

  • Read More or Die! 2011

    _2011 End Results_
    Total read for Tadoku:
    __433.3 pages!__
    Placement: 115/188
    October 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 97/120
    End Tally: 59.2
    July 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 86/142
    End Tally: 195.6
    April 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 62/106
    End Tally: 154.5
    January 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 84/99
    End Tally: 24
    August 2010 Contest:
    Placement: 20/41
    End Tally: 160

  • Read Or Die 2013

    Goal: 600
    Total: 906.26
    blew my goal outta the water!

    March 2-Week:
    Goal: 125

    Goal: 250
    Total: 314