Table of Contents


For Beginner to Intermediate


As this site grows and expands the Table of Contents will be updated with new links, and with a look on whats to come. If you find any link problems please let me know!

I: Introduction (not necessary to read to get the rest 😀 )

A) About

B) How I got started, just a musing

II: Getting Started: Making your own Method

A) Choosing a Method

B) Method Reviews:

1) Random Dude’s Book (How to Learn Any Language by Barry Farber)


AJATT Method Overview


-AJATT QRG, My First Sentence Pack

3) Other Immersion Types

4) Course Books


6) RTK Lite + Paths

7) TextFugu

TextFugu Part 1

-TextFugu Part 2

C) Armed with Method, still confused:

1) Got Method? 1 – Daydream your way to Japanese

2) Got Method? 2 – “I see Japanese”

3) Got Method? 3 – Just DEW ET

III: Getting Started: Gather up your tools! (Multilingual)

1) How to tell the difference between Major Eastern Asian Languages

A) Dictionaries:

1) Books

2) Internet

3) Electronic Dictionary Devices

4) Add-Ons, Phone Apps, ect.

B) SRS / Flash Cards:

1) What is an SRS?

2) How to use an SRS

3) Why SRS Failure = Wins

4) SRS on Web

5) Paper Flash cards have their Place!

6) SRS Deck Styles

C) Books:

1) Places to Gather your Books

2) Grammar Books

3) Tiny Wins: Phrase Books

4) English Translations- Where and Why Not

5) Student Readers

6) Remembering the Kanji:

RTK Part 1

RTK Part 2

D) Electronics:

1) Non-Region Coded Devices: Nintendo DS + PS3

2) Electronics

3) How to Type in Japanese

E) Supplies:

1) Notebooks

2) Graph Paper

3) Pencils, Pens, Highlighters

4) Media for Immersion

IV: Study Advice and Information:

A) Are you an Overdoser?

B) How to Study When You’re Ill

C) Mental Play

D) Sentence Mining

E) Shadowing:

Shadowing Overview

Shadowing Resources

F) Interactive Immersion

G) Hobbies – The Untapped Resource for Language Learning

H) Wisdom of Others: Do We Need It?


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