Summer Break Shenanigans

Here we are, already well into September. The back to school feeling is in the air, and with that, I’m ready for new Japanese adventures. I feel extra pumped, because as many of you know, I scaled things back a bit in order to enjoy the summer. I certainly didn’t stop doing things in Japanese … Continue reading

Tadoku Upcoming

Just popping a reminder up there for you guys, TADOKU!!!! starts in just twoish days, so get yourselves signed up and ready,.

So You Want To Be The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was? [Pt1]

“Welcome to the world of Pokémon!” This is the introductory line that begins so many fantastic adventures in the Pokémon franchise. When I say franchise, and not game series, I mean it. The world of Pokémon is huge, even bigger than you may realize… There are so many different forms of Pokémon media to enjoy, and since it’s … Continue reading

Power Up Your Japanese

At last, the day has come for me to walk down the monolingual road. Basically what this means using a Japanese dictionary to look up unknown Japanese words. This is an experiment I’ve been doing over the last little while, and now that I have a system that’s working, I’d like to share it with … Continue reading

What I Did On My Winter Vacation (Delenir)

Hello friends! It’s good to be back after the winter holidays! As I mentioned, I took a break from blogging to try some hardcore Japanese-ing! I wanted to make December all about action rather than theory or preparation. The best way to explain is of course with photos! Switching entirely to iOS for my mobile … Continue reading

Interactive Immersion

Today a thought crossed my mind about the effectiveness of immersion and why some people absolutely love and live by it and others say its a waste of time and effort. What made some people’s immersion more effective that others?  It dawned on me that the major difference was often obscure (not emphasized), not talked … Continue reading

Method Review: 7 – TextFugu

I’m happy to report a new innovative item that has more recently come into this world. The great Koichi-san has hence given birth to TextFugu. For a follower of his zany (wonky was it?) cultural Japanese blog, Tofugu, this seemed like something I should check out. I decided to give the site a bit of … Continue reading

  • Read More or Die! 2011

    _2011 End Results_
    Total read for Tadoku:
    __433.3 pages!__
    Placement: 115/188
    October 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 97/120
    End Tally: 59.2
    July 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 86/142
    End Tally: 195.6
    April 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 62/106
    End Tally: 154.5
    January 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 84/99
    End Tally: 24
    August 2010 Contest:
    Placement: 20/41
    End Tally: 160

  • Read Or Die 2013

    Goal: 600
    Total: 906.26
    blew my goal outta the water!

    March 2-Week:
    Goal: 125

    Goal: 250
    Total: 314