Power Up Your Japanese

At last, the day has come for me to walk down the monolingual road. Basically what this means using a Japanese dictionary to look up unknown Japanese words. This is an experiment I’ve been doing over the last little while, and now that I have a system that’s working, I’d like to share it with … Continue reading

Extensive Reading + Intensive Reading, The Ultimate Combo!

When it comes to learning Japanese through reading text, you may have heard about two opposing ideas that I’ve talked about a bit before. (My LWT Guide). At the risk of repeating myself, here they are: Extensive Reading is reading a lot of text in your target language, at a level that is in your … Continue reading

LWT: Daniel’s Guide for Japanese Useage

Getting Started Learning With Texts is a tool that has moved me out of my rut and on to Tadoku-style language learning. It’s like creating your own textbook, with all the materials being of your own choosing. I use some different settings than Mikotoneko, so you may prefer one method or the other! The best … Continue reading

LWT: Tricks of the Trade

Part 3 of the ongoing LWT posts. If you haven’t heard about LWT check these posts out: Part 1 (Intro) ; Part 2 (Guide for Japanese-Mikoto). If you’re like me, and you’ve done a good bit of Japanese, or you know a great many vocabulary words, or phrases, you’ll be at a disadvantage in a … Continue reading

LWT: A Guide to Setting up for Japanese Learning

Here we’ll cover the basics to getting started in Japanese with LWT! We’ll cover topics like where to get signed up, setting changes, deletion of old content, adding new content, using a insert spacer website, customize your dictionaries, and so much more. The Beginning Go here! Your friendly Fluent in 3 Month website helps you … Continue reading

LWT: Learning With Text Introduction

One of the programs that I’ve recently started to delve into is called LWT which is short for Learning with Text. LWT is a great open source project created by a really cool guy in 2010. He published his LWT in 2011 as a free, open source project open to the public domain. So what … Continue reading

  • Read More or Die! 2011

    _2011 End Results_
    Total read for Tadoku:
    __433.3 pages!__
    Placement: 115/188
    October 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 97/120
    End Tally: 59.2
    July 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 86/142
    End Tally: 195.6
    April 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 62/106
    End Tally: 154.5
    January 2011 Contest:
    Placement: 84/99
    End Tally: 24
    August 2010 Contest:
    Placement: 20/41
    End Tally: 160

  • Read Or Die 2013

    Goal: 600
    Total: 906.26
    blew my goal outta the water!

    March 2-Week:
    Goal: 125

    Goal: 250
    Total: 314